Question about seniority and light duty workers

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  1. Matteranci

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    Can a unloader with less seniority bump me out of my preferred position in smalls because he told sup he thinks he has a hernia and wants to work small sort? Sup then says that I would have to unload since there is no one else to take his place. Can I greive this?
  2. unloady

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    Not sure exactly. I have 3.5 years seniority and have alwats been in unload. Was told that i was being switched to become a preloader even though the majority of unloaders in my area have a year or less. I argued that i had the righg to be in unload and i was fired. Seniority doesnt matter i guess.
  3. Matteranci

    Matteranci New Member

    Wow, that's even worse. They wanted to move you to another shift and fired you for refusing? That doesn't sound right, I know you could fight that if you wanted to.
  4. BigUnionGuy

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    Grieve it.

    The supe can't make accommodations because the employee "thinks" he has a hernia.

    If he does have a hernia, UPS should be sending him in for a "fitness for duty" exam.

    He can't bump you if have more seniority and are in a preferred position anyway.

  5. unloady

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    That is exactly what i told my manager and my shop steward sided with her. I guess our local is weak.
  6. john chesney

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    If he’s on TAW I say yes
  7. km3

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    Or your steward is weak. Bad stewards don't imply a bad local though...
  8. BigUnionGuy

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    Do you know anything about TAW ?
  9. Maple Grove MN Driver

    Maple Grove MN Driver Cocaine Mang!

    Obviously he doesn't
  10. scratch

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    You have to be seen by a company doctor to be approved for up to 29 days of TAW.
  11. john chesney

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    Ya a little bit. I was on it twice. Had a couple cases when I was union President. Listened to some at panel and maybe JAC I don’t remember
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  12. Matteranci

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    Thanks for the input everyone, I called my local and got it sorted out. I appreciate all of your responses.