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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Yeanop, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Hi all. I'm a new hire at UPS during the preload shift and love the job. I had a question about my seniority date however. My start date was 06/01/2011, and I began to recently pay union dues. I'm aware that at 3 months I receive a $1 raise per hour, and that I am officially part of the union, but what date is used for future raises/vacation/insurance?

    Do I receive my first anniversary raise on 06/01/2012? Or 09/01/2012? Am I eligible for health insurance on 06/01/2012? Or 09/01/2012? Basically, is my anniversary used in calculating everything based on my start date or seniority date? I'm very confused about this and would greatly appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
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    I think they go by your start date.
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    First you need to make sure you are eligible to make Seniority. Some New Hires, especially in the Summer months and during Peak, may not be.

    If you are a regular employee, and not a temp/seasonal/casual then you need to look in your region's Contract Supplement for the rules for making Seniority. Here in New England, it takes 30 calendar days. (Assuming they don't jerk you around.)

    Once you make Seniority, your Seniority Date from that point on reverts back to your original Start Date. So if June 1 is your Start Date. Then you make Seniority a month (or two or three) later, then June 1 is your Seniority Date.

    But check your specific Supplement as these details differ from one region to the other. Also check Article 22 in the Master Agreement to learn about part-time issues.

    You probably start paying union dues and initiation fees at the thirty day mark. If you pay them in one lump sum I believe you are in the Union. If you pay on the installment plan, you probably can't vote in a union election until you're all paid up.