Question about triple shifting?

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    I heard that triple shifting is not encouraged, however, i've done it for about 3-weeks. I tripled 2-3 times during those individual weeks which resulted in my overtime/time and a half to be a nice chunk of change-$$.

    I suppose accounting noticed or something and my sup brought it to my attention. He didn't forbid and or warn me from doing it, rather he told me in so many words that they can choose not to pay me.

    So, my questions are, can i be fired for excessive overtime (5-12hrs) via triple shifting? Is triple shifting within itself "illegal" at ups? Would they need to warn me in writing before some type of action is taken?
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    Are there any layoffs at your facility? If so, do you really think it fair that you are triple shifting while your co-workers are not working at all or have had their hours reduced? If not, and the volume justifies it, I wouldn't think there would be a problem. You do know that there is more to life than work, don't you?
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    If they allow you to work, there is no way it could be illegal. Working as directed. Exceptions could include if driving is involved, DOT stuff and whatnot.

    Even if in the unlikely event you are getting laid off workers' hours, this is management's responsibility not yours.

    Also management is bound to pay you for ALL hours worked.

    If they don't want to pay you for your triple shifting, then they should simply not allow you to do it. In my area you may only work up to 12 hours a day, I encountered this when I was a helper who also doubleshifted.
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    My hub is actually hiring at a snail's pace. There haven't been any lay-offs that i know about besides the knuckleheads who push the boundaries.

    We are having a lot of guys transition into off-days and such. There is usually extra work anyway, due to sheer numbers, or sup's wanting to make themselves look better by getting an extra hand.

    Haha, yes i do know there is more to life than work. I know this all too well because i am a manchild procrastinating underchiever. I'm on a mini-financial mission at the moment; i'm ok but why not take advantage if its there for a few more weeks....
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    ...more power to you but not at the expense of others.

    Google Dave Ramsey--he may help you with your financial mission.
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    Yes, i am aware they are required to pay me and i know it was nothing more than a bad scare tactic. It's good to know the overtime laws in your particular state.

    That's "odd" you are allowed to work up to 12hrs a day, was this communicated to you by a superior? or word of mouth from a co-worker...
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    I say go for it.

    During peak this year I triple shifted 3 times. One day/night I worked 12pm until 4:30am with two one-hour lunches. 16.5 hours, 14.5 paid, 6.5 OT :)
  8. blue efficacy

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    Nope I found wording to such an effect to my satisfaction in the Union Contract. I wouldn't take something like that at face value from Management.
    I forget what part it was in, it might vary from region to region or by local.
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    Down here no part timers are even doubling much less tripling.if you worked it they have to pay you.triple shifts used to be fairly common but not for a while.this is how management will handle this if they dont want you working triple shifts they will tell you they are "instructing" you not to work triple or doubles and then if you do they will come after you for failure to follow instructions ,not for double or triple weather or not that it will stick depends on the quality of your union reps and buisness agent.
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    What part of the country are you in?
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    ca hub