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  1. Baba gounj

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    My question is this.....last week a sup. insisted that I shuttle late airs to the airport because all the people with the proper security badges had been given the night off. I do not have a current valid badge ( mine has expired & I was never told to renew it ), now the procedure we have is that when the shuttle leaves the airbelt, your name (as the driver ) , how many pieces on board, the car you are driving and what time you leave are all relayed to our center at the airport. Now this sup wanted me to meet up with another air driver from the other center who does have a valid badge, swap cars , and let him proceed into the airport.
    I told the sup that I think that it was illegal to do so, which the reply was " we do it all the time ", I refused to do it. At the very least mgt should be guilty of falsifying records.
    Does anyone have any knowledge about just what is right ( according to the proper federal guidelines ) ?
  2. drewed

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    Ummm I think what theyre doing is ok, because I dont see a reason why it shouldnt be.... I can see the reason for your concern. Youre not stepping on airport property....It would be just as a driver does a p/u and drops and returns to his center thats at the airport. Unless im missing something it shouldnt be a problem
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    There was absolutely nothing wrong with their request as you had not entered airport property and therefore were not in a secure area--for all anyone knew, you were simply shuttling NDA to another driver or delivering late NDA. Be thankful the sup didn't progress the issue to discipline as he had justifiable grounds to do so.
  4. Baba gounj

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    to clarify something........any met point can not be at the airport, nor along the highway to the airport, nor at the closest ups building outside of the airport because the same state agency controls all that land( MassPort ). That was my concern ....They on the other hand want to do it directly outside of the ups building at the airport, I park outside & the other driver walks out to met me, drives inside, unloads, & drives the car back to me.
  5. Baba gounj

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    I wish he had.
  6. UPS Lifer

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    All of this is locker room lawyer talk. I ran 2 air operations at the second largest UPS regional facility and worked closely with the FAA for my last two years. There is absolutely nothing wrong with what your supervisor did.

    It sounds to me you are looking for a loophole to get out of doing extra work!!!

    The only problem is an employee entering a secured area without the proper ID. You can stand right outside the facility and exchange vehicles with someone who has a valid ID and there would be no problem. It does not matter if the road or facility is on Airport Authority property. It only matters if you have to pass through a restricted area that requires a current ID.

    Remember - work as directed - don't get yourself in trouble for something foolish.
  7. old brown shoe

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    Sounds like easy money to me. Just do as you are told as long as it is not unsafe. Then if it is wrong greive it later. We have drivers shuttle air to air drivers at airport all the time.
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    Intresrting topic a lot of good answers but you were not in the wrong to cover yourself. A lot of people sayEASYMONEY then the bottom drops out the crap lands on them.Then they say it stinks the company was wrong , You did the right thing CYA untill you find out if its ok . In my eyes you did a good job.
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    I take shuttles in on a nightly basis at the airport where I work. I take over the truck outside of the SIDA area, but on airport property, and take it in, unload it, and bring it back out. All he has to do is sit in the guard shack until I'm done. Seems like easy money to me.
  10. over9five

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    Amazing you still have your job. Your sup is a nice guy for not firing you. You really can't refuse to do what he tells you.
  11. Baba gounj

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    Thank you for your input.
    It is not about the money, it never has been.
    Its about being :censored2: on ; mgt making plans & never telling me until the last second . They assume that I never have my own after work plans and that I will always be available for what ever they would not do themselves.
  12. UPS Lifer

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    It seems that you can invoke the seniority clause on this issue. If there is someone with less seniority on the clock, your supervisor should send them. It does not hurt to confront your supervisor in a professional way and let him know what you said here as well. Good Luck!