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    According to article 22 section 3 of the national/master, UPS must notify and identify in detail the 20,000 jobs that must be maintained under the contract. UPS has 60 days after ratification. The contract was ratified on December 19. Has anyone heard or has more detail on this issue. Thanks
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    The contract may have been ratified on that date but I believe that the effective date of the new contract is Aug. 1, 2008. I know that some portions of the contract have already been implemented (GPS) but others have not, most notably the pay. I am not that familiar with the provisions of Art. 22 or whether this portion of the contract has been implemented.
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    Thanks for the response. It does say, "upon ratification." It does not say, "on the effective date." It is very clear, and I don't see how it could be spun or interpretive any other way. My local has nothing to state on the issue, and the small parcel division has not responded to my calls or my on-line request forms. It is interesting how we had to ratify the contract first to find out the 20,000 jobs. The contract is ratified, and the union seems to have no position on the article. Any thoughts?
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    "Greatest contract ever!!!"
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    It's somewhat sad.

    We have a copy of previous bids from 07' and 08' and they seemed on target up here in Local 25.

    I'd definitly like this information to be public, not held private, though.
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    that is a very good question and the answer to that may be hidden for years and we might never know because this will be hidden by answers like those jobs have gone to other states or buildings just stay on top of it with your local and continue to call the international for the answers and you will see all the bull crap at its finest your head will be spining like a top but at least im not the only one who is asking about the jobs owed to our union.