question for any seattle area drivers in regards to delivering on islands...

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    Just curious how it all works for delivering to the different islands around puget sound and the surrounding areas??? Are these routes satellite route or do drivers go "island hopping" delivering multiple areas a day. One more question, how many ups facilities are there in the general seattle/tacoma/surrounding area???Seems like a very large metro area to visit!
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    pretty sure there are only a few island routes now in seattle. bremerton center takes care of most of them. the drivers who do go to the islands spend several hours each day taking the ferry.
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    Vacationed in Seattle-Tacoma area this summer. Didnt make it to islands this time. Puttin that on list for next year. Did do the "Ducks". Yeah Seattle area is awesome. Off the I-5 I there's a small center south of SafeCo park. Is that Bremerton? Or seattle metro? Anyways good on all the pkg cars i saw with evry single mirror folded in streetside! lol
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    If you look at a map the area around the sound is pretty much all metro areas there is just so much industry and warehousing its ridiculous. There also just extensive neighborhoods everywhere. I would really be interested to find out how many centers there are in the whole puget sound area considering there 4+ million people in the area.
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    Recently someone came into my store wanting to ship something NDA to an address in the Seattle area, and the computer showed NDA taking 2 days -- the same as 2DA. So I'm guessing that there must be at least some islands that don't get daily deliveries.
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    The islands are north of Seattle.

    It's all contracted out. Our center has one island. A guy in a minivan shows up every morning and picks up our packages for that island. He does the same for fedex. I hear me makes about 2,000$ per week delivering both UPS and Fedex packages to this island.

    The center south of us has quite a few islands. They are also contracted out.

    There exist populated islands that do not have ferry service. I don't know if we deliver to them.

    As far as centers around Seattle... I'd guess there are quite a few. I don't know them all. Check the UPS careers website for the best list. Search for Washington and it should bring most of them up.
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    Nice gig!:happy-very: