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Possible future UPSer

Hey just wanted to say Hi to all of you, and that I have a few questions about becoming a p/t package handeler for UPS.

1. If i do end up working for UPS it will be at the Mt. Olive, New Jersey facility and if anyone works there or has worked there can you fill me in on how it is as a "whole" like how are the management, other P/T'ers, etc?
2. When i recieved my call from the facility the lady told me and open position is the 4p to 9p (5-10p). What can i expect to do during those hours?

Sorry if these questions sound redundant but mostly i'm looking to see if anyone from this board is currently working at the Mt. Olive facility in New Jersey.



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I suspect that from 4-9 p.m. you will be working your *** off.

Just a hunch.:lol:

I'd have to agree. The 4-9P is the Twilight Sort. It probably processes the most volume of any UPS shift. As to the actual depends on where the facility is. I've worked into two hubs but they had very different load characteristics. The first hub was largely distribution center loads--Sears,, etc. My current hub probably derives 75% of its volume from cross-country runs--trains or 18 wheelers. The rest is distribution center loads--DirecTV, etc. Never having been to New Jersey, I can't even begin to guess what you'd see. -Rocky


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Mt. Olive is a fairly small center when compared to other UPS buildings. It is known as the "Coutry Club" to local hubs such as Parsippany. The twilight sort has less volume then the Preload because most of the volume is from the daily pickups and not feeders. Most people seem to go into the load, but I did know one person that started as a sorter. The people there always seemed to be nice whenever I had to drop off some late packages. You will still work hard, but the environment is different than a large hub. I personally know several of the drivers that work out of the building. I hope that this helps, and good luck.


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4-9pm I dont think will be that bad, in my area that shift has alot of work for poeple to do but they also have alot more poeple hired to do that work. Whereas the 4-9am shift or pre load where I work we do not have that many employed therefore a __it ton of work is given to a specific employee and you do it within a 5 hour period. I have nover worked te 4-9pm shift but I assume you would not be as rushed as we preloaders are.


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Preload is rushed because you're on a time limit to get the boxes in the trucks before 8:45 am when they leave. If unloaders dont do enough trucks then it's more work on the faster paced workers. When the unload is done at break for the next 1.5 hours a few people are stuck on irregs to do a job fit for 15 people and they must do it before the trucks leave.

Night shift isnt on this limit.

Possible future UPSer

Thanks for all your replies so far, I'm actually looking into this because it fits around my schedule since i have school in the morning, and weekends i need off because of prior commitments. Most places around my area probably wouldn't give me that flexibility.

Would this be an a sensible p/t job if i only plan on working there for a few years and then end up moving on to something else?

Money isn't really a big factor as long as its a steady paycheck of at least $100+.

Another question i have is : I see you get off on the general holidays, can someone fill me in on what those are?

Any other tips/news especially if you've worked at the Mt. Olive facility will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again!