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    Hi, I have a question I was wondering if anybody could help me with. I have been with UPS now for over ten years and have spent the last two as a full-time driver; unfortunately, while I definitely do like to drive I have decided that I don’t want to make a career of it like I thought I wanted to. I have decided that I want to go back and finish my degree at school; however, I cannot do this working the hours I do as a driver. Waiting for a feeder or combo job will take just too darn long so I was thinking of going back to part-time. Does anyone know if I could do that without quitting and re-applying? If quitting and re-applying is the only way, I am very seriously considering doing that but if I do, does anyone know about the procedure? I was told a long time ago that if you quit in good standing UPS had to rehire you before they could hire anyone else from the outside…is this true?

    BTW…I work in the Central States region.
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    Have you looked in to going to college online? You could then "attend" classes on your schedule without changing jobs, thereby maintaining your lifestyle and working toward your goal of completing your degree.

    If online classes don't appeal to you, you should sit down with your center manager and discuss your options. I hesitate to offer advice as I have never heard of anyone doing this. Good luck to you.
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    I actually am a driver and also taking classes. I am taking online classes, which does not interfere with my job as a driver. I have been driving going on 4 years and have not had a problem. I have been taking online classes going on two years and doing very well. You might want to try that route, because the reimbursement is very good compared to the part-time. Just a thought.
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    In NE, you cannot go from FT to PT and I believe that is policy for everyone.
    This is the most bogus part of going FT. For years I have regretted going FT for this very reason.

    27 credits short of a B.S in Meteorology and likely 2-5x more mone in energy forecasting ( which I can succeed without the degree, but it's getting in the door thats the hard part). I could not work this job and finish my degree, the classes require at least 15-20 hours studying a week, nevermind the classroom.

    If you are PT and considering going FT, keep this in mind, there is no going back.

    UNLESS you want "to start over"
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    i dont see how that could be true at all

    the person who told u that was either an idiot or doesnt know the difference between quitting and getting laid off
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    I've been told that once you go FT you can't go back to PT even as a PT sup. I've never seen anything in the contract indicating that UPS was required to rehire people with "OK to rehire" status. It's a crap shoot at best.
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    I agree with city on this, also it wouldnt be likely that youd be hired back...
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    All I can say is that you can drive and earn your degree.
    You don't get to sleep much, but it can be done.
    A 20 yr driver went back to school and gained his degree by going at night.
    I could not do it, but it can be done.
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    Hi, thanks everyone for the responses. The online class thing is not an option, or at least not a desireable one, as I am ¾ of the way done with my BS and most of my remaining classes are hands-on lab classes that cannot be taken at night or online. Does anyone know why once you go full-time you cannot go back to part-time? The only thing I can think of is that because they spent the 30days training you that they don’t want that to go to waste but I cannot think of any other reason. In fact, you would think that under certain circumstances it would actually be a benefit to the company like now, during the economic downturn. They would save on health & welfare plus get a part-time worker that has 8 years of experience. Oh well, I guess I will either just have to leave or wait for a combo job. Just for the record, I actually really like working for UPS and like driving, just not enough to do it for the next 20 years and going into mgmt is not something I desire either.
    Thanks again for the help.
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  10. drewed

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    I thought you couldnt bid out from a driving position to a 22.3?
    And wouldnt he revert back to starting wage if for some strange reason he could get it done to go pt?
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    UPS has tuition reimbursement for full-time workers? I thought that was just for part-timers at select, high volume hubs. Does anyone know if you have to be pursuing a specific type of degree like mgmt, accounting, or??? What is the amount of reimbursement? As a part-timer, I got $1500 a semester and the part-time sups got $ that the same for full-timers or is it more, less?

    I have also considered changing my major so I could get a different job and then go back and complete my original degree...maybe if the reimbursement is good enough I might do that instead of all-out quitting or waiting for a combo job!
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    I'm pretty sure you can bid for a 22.3 from a driving job. I have heard this from numerous people in my informal search regarding my situation and even knew a few 22.3's that were once drivers (even a feeder driver which I thought was odd that he went from feeders to back inside loading trailers for half his 8hrs) when I worked part-time. As far as the wage thing goes, I would have no problems going back to my starting wage if I could go back to PT. I have more than enough money saved to get me along while I finish school, I just want to work at least PT somewhere while doing it and would prefer working at UPS as this is the only job I have known the past 10yrs! Since I have been 16 there has never been a time in my life when I haven't had a job and I just hate the thought of not having one, especially during these times, even if I am getting my degree, but I realize this is probably not an option...I was just taking a shot in the dark ;)
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    Ive believe Ive heard of somwhere of being able to temporalily switch back....i dont remember the specifics and i could be completely wrong...maybe do a search on UPSers?
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    feederdriver06 or something like that here on the forums went from driving to 22.3 to feeders. He had to get away from being a package monkey slave, driver....
  15. Sisswap

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    Its the same, but yes it has to be a specific degree...I think you might want to check on that. I believe its $5,400 per year. It has been a while since I got the reimbursment, because I am currently on STD, but I am still taking classes. You must be pursuing a degree in management, or business ..or anything in those areas, which there is a good list of them. I hope this helps, you can check on the UPSERS website in the education section and you should be able to get more info.
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    STD? Don't they just give you a shot and tell you to not to use it for a few days? That's the way I remember it from my military days.
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    Things change. People change. Interest rates fluctuate.

    (Bonus points for correctly answering what movie that is from)
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    Hot Shots
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    Yeah, after I saw your post I did check out UPSers but there were no specifics as to amount or even what, if any, specific classes had to be taken. Guess I will have to talk to someone in HR. Thanks for the info though.
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    Actually they are no longer called STD's...they are STI's :funny: