question on cover driver bid and senority

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  1. rhider

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    A little history....
    I won a cover driver bid on OCT 5th, went to driving school the week of OCT 23rd and was put back on local sort upon return. Was told i wouldnt be driving until after peak, into january, because of the amount of temp drivers they had hired.... okay fine, ill wait.

    Now i find out a p/t sup that wants to go into full time managment (im told they have to drive b4 managment) went to driving school the week of NOV 6th and started driving this week!!

    Here i sit working local sort while a sup gets his required time and i get the shaft once again.

    I understand the "free time" UPS has to use temps but does that include sups/mgmt getting utilized for their needs while a "bargining unit" has to wait??

    I was just wondering if this is acceptable or if i should file against the sup that is getting my driving work.... Any advice is welcome!
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Well all I can say about this is that sounds like your typical UPS. If they can find time to turn one of their p/t sups into a "30 day wonder" during peak then they could have found time to put you on the road for peak. Man they don't even hire temp drivers here unless there isn't enough people on the inside. Not having enough people willing to drive is very rare here.

    UPSBOI You don't want to know!

    To answer your question he doesn't. File everyday that he works but be careful because this will piss off your supervisors, it's really a catch twenty-two. I'm greedy and would want the money but that's just me.
  4. rhider

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    Well here in lies the delemia... Ive only been with the company since may of this year, plus some peak preload last year but i did WIN a cover driver bid and have been bypassed by a non-teamster so it seems like a violation of the contract. I dont want to rock the boat so early on but i want what is rightfully mine and thats my driving time and my 30 days til senority.

    Can anyone else confirm this is a violation of the contract?
    Also the next step should be to my shop steward or the HR that never has any answers?
  5. DorkHead

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    I believe that during free time the company can use whoever they want.
  6. Gman24

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    Yes, they will say it is the free period. However, I would document the days he works and file on it. Keep up with it and his times, make a note if he is promoted immediately after peak or not. If he is promoted you probably won't have a win-able grievance, but if he is not you may have something to go on. It will show they were just using him for peak. If it were an outside temporary hired peak driver, you wouldn't have anything I don;t think.
  7. rhider

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    How is one to document all the days,hours worked of a PT sup driving? Im only in the center 5-10 pm hidden in ODC and rarely see the drivers(working sup) come in. I should be able to see if he is promoted tho.
    If they did only use him for peak and not me, a waiting cover driver.. What are the reprecussions? How long is a grievance process? Is it worth it to even bother? I really dont want to get labeled as a union butt head this early in a brown career.
  8. Gman24

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    Why did you even bother to ask the question, if you don;t want to take the little extra time to make sure YOU aren't getting screwed. All you need to know is, did the sup drive today, and then pull delivery records to see how long he was on the road. There will be a diad that he has to carry if he delivers RIGHT??? Someone in the office can do that for you.

    I've always said don't bother with BS grievances, but if it is a legit grievance and it costs you driver status or full time status, don't hesitate. After all it only affects your take home pay and your retirement, Yea i guess I wouldn't want to be labeled a union butt head either!!!!????? LOL:crying:
  9. rhider

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    i asked the question to get some advice as to how to handle the situation. Thank you for your insight, it has be very helpful. I do want to make sure im not getting screwed but ive never woked union before UPS and ive only got 6 months under me.

    Does the "office" have to give me his driving records if i ask? Is that really stirring things up.. IE get me black listed for all the crap from sups? I dont "think" this is a BS grievance but thats why im here asking some questions.

    As far of the "union butthead" comment... I know we are all union brothers but i dont want to be labeled as the guy that always cries teamsters when ever there is an issue. As i said i've just got in here and hope to make it a long and prosperous (SP) career.

    Again thanks for your comments and to all.... Knowing is half the battle