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    Have you ever driven your package car and forgot to close the backdoor? I accidentally did that today.
  2. DorkHead

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    Of course. Several times in the last 25 yrs.
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    yup,, right there with ya,, it happens
  4. Dracula

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    It kind of reminds me of the old joke about men masturbating: there are two kinds of men who masturbate, those who do, and those who admit it.

    Any driver who has driven for any amount of time has forgot about the back door at least once. Now many won't admit it, but we all have. Back in the 90's, one of my last pickups was an AT&T data center. This was so long ago that what I picked up was old data tapes. They looked like reel-to-reel tapes. If you have to ask, Google. Anyway, this was a full P-1000 of those tapes. Last pickup. Closed the door, drove a few miles to the interstate, and drove about 10 miles back to the building. I pulled up to the air trailer to unload my air. I opened up my bulkhead door, and I about crapped my pants when I saw the building lights through my back door. That door was open! Oh :censored2:!! When I finished loading the truck, it was full to the ceiling. Now, I could see through the back door.

    A few drivers that came back after me, on one of the busiest interstates in Kansas City, said it looked like the road was littered with album sized boxes all the way back to UPS.

    Yeah, I freaked, thought I was fired for sure, so I found my steward at the bar he always hung out in. Mind you, this was before the DIAD era, so none of this was traceable. He told me to calm down and act like it never happened. And nothing ever did, because these were tapes addressed to the entire country, and UPS was a different company back then, but never again did I forget to chain that back door.
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    Talk about outing yourself!:surprised:
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    I left the door open twice in as many weeks. I could not figure out why the hell I was forgetting. I have the swing out doors on the route I am covering. Back to the dock, stop, open doors, unload, pull ahead, close doors, leave. The last time it happened, I was hella bulked out, so instead of opening the bulkhead door, I walked outside the car to the back and never opened the bulkhead doors. Since then, I always keep the bulkhead door open until I have the rear doors closed. Since I started doing that, I have not forgot to close the doors.

    I have had 2 PCs that the latch broke on the overhead door. One I heard, hit a bump and I could hear the overhead coming up. The other I did not and had to go back to pick up a variety of packages that fell out.
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    Dracula Package Car is cake compared to this...

    Yeah, maybe they'll fire me for something that happened over 20 years ago...
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    Uh, else do you clean the packing peanuts out of it?
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    I drove a couple blocks on a fairly busy road with the backdoor open. I'm 95% sure nothing came out. I was :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ting myself going back in the diad to pickups to make sure everything was accounted for and still in the truck. I have no clue how the light boxes that were still in the truck are still there, but they were. I'm on my 30 day period and am stressing big time about this. I went back to the center and told the center manager that I drove a couple blocks with the back door open and he said "did anything fall out", I said, "no". Then said, you live and you learn.

    I called up a couple of my buddies that are drivers and they said they've had this happen to them. But the fact its in my 30 day period makes me a little paranoid. But, my numbers have been real good, just this little fudge up.
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    I did the same thing last week in a 600 with the small sliding doors. My question is will it show up on telematics?
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    Just did it today. And surprisingly enough, didn't lose any packages.
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    LOL Guilty! Was going down a "not so busy" road when I heard a strange sound. I looked in my mirror only to see my hand trucks scooting down the road. Thank God nobody was near and no cars were on the side of the road. Haven't forgot since.
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    No---there are no sensors on the rear door(s). If there were I would have shown up on the report a few weeks ago as I drove for about 1/2 mile with the door open.
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    Don't you guys check your rear view camera much?

    Edit: that doesn't sound right????
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    You should not be able to see your rear door in the camera if it is set correctly.

    I've left the back door open. Who has had stuff fly out the front when you left the bulk head door open? Not so much now with telematics but I learned the hard way on that one. Nothing like hitting the brakes and having the hand cart fly into the cab.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You should be able to see the door handle.
  20. Shifting Contents

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    Not according to my training which occurred more recently than yours old man! :)