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  1. Black

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    I was hired in August of 06' as a seasonal/Casual driver. During my stay I worked hard and never complained. During the last few weeks of peak I was told numerous times by management I would be rehired full-time after the new year. I work on Saturday, December 23rd and my manager told me once again I would be returning sometime next year as a full-time driver. It's now the end of February and I'm still waiting to hear from UPS. I'm able to collect unemployment so I'm not concerned about an income but would like to get back to work. Just wondering when does UPS usually call back rehireies? How long does it usually take? I understand there is a ratio of how many outsiders compared to part-times that can be hired. I worked in a busy hub in Northern New Jersey and was even told by my shop steward they will probably be rehireing 3 from the outside this year. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this matter. Thanks
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    I worked as a peak temp driver and was not called back until April, but that was 27yrs ago. Make sure that you still keep in contact, so they know that you are still interested in coming back.
    They just brought back one of the drivers we used for Christmas this week. A lot of it thought depends upon volume in your area. Good Luck!!
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    Where are you located?
  4. stealth8

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    Metro DC which includes MD,DC and VA
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    The ratio is 6 to 1. For every 6 inside hourlies hired for a FT driver job, UPS is allowed 1 off the street hire/ or supervisor. In my hub the last off the street hire was over 12-15 yrs ago. The 1 off the street hire has been a pt supe. Black just be thankful and appreciative if you do get the job because you are going to the front of the line over pt's who have been busting their ass waiting for their turn in seniority to have that job. Good luck
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    "my manager told me once again I would be returning sometime next year as a full-time driver."

    God, they say that to everyone. I suppose it's so when they do eventually need someone, there'll be a bunch of you waiting by the phone.
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    looks like I should look into a career at Fedex or DHL.
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    Black it looks like you should be patient. Even if the center management team wanted to hire you they still have to follow the rules of the contract of 6 for 1 and there has to be volume to justify bringing on new drivers or open positions. If you think its worth waiting for then wait.
  9. Black

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    I know, it's just frustrating
  10. ikoi62

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    have you called anyone or stopped by the center you worked for?
    "busy hub in Northern New Jersey" = parsippany?
  11. tieguy

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    Agreed stay in touch with them. call them every now and then to let them know you are definitely interested. Work it a little and you will get results.
  12. Black

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    I was in the Parsippany hub Ikoi62. I've been in contact with the manager atleast 4 or 5 times sinces Dec 23rd. The last time was around the super bowl and he told me once he found any more information out he would contact me. I just emailed him on wednesday and still waiting. I'm sure I hear the same thing.
  13. SmithBarney

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    Our last 5 drivers all came off the street...
    so it all depends where you look.
  14. ikoi62

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    ok emails are one thing..but are forgotten quickly, face time isn't forgotten. go to parsip and talk to the center manager of the center you worked for (motown)? if you want to work that bad just remind him who you are and what you look like..:cool:
  15. DorkHead

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    Enjoy your time off. Vacations are starting soon and you will be back and working right up to Dec. 24
  16. Unregi$tered

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    I know this thread is old, but I'm in same predicament. I delivered the most pieces and did the most stops out of all seasonal hires and center sup said I was the only one they'd mentioned as a potential rehire in manager meetings. It's been seven weeks since I was laid off and still no callback. I haven't been able to get ahold of HR. Should I keep waiting?
  17. OldUPSDriver

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    No, do not wait.
  18. currahee

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    Did they mean that you would be back when casual period opens back up?
  19. feeder53

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    I started in November of 07 for the rush, My last day was 26 Dec. They called me two weeks ago to stop by and recertify my driving record so that gave me some hope. I then ran into a UPS driver where I work and he told me around March it starts to pick up so by April he told me I should be getting calls. They also told me I have the rest of my training to get done and they would call me on that too. I still have a full time position, and have my Teamsters retirement awaiting me, so I do not worry. Hang in there......
  20. Unregi$tered

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    Thanks for the input. I had a closed door meeting with center sup right after Xmas (I wanted to make sure they knew where I stood) and she asked what my intentions were and I said I'd love to come back full time. She seemed pretty optimistic, but from what I've read on here, the "we'll call you line" is pretty common. Still, I had an advantage because I'd done the job before and I outperformed all the other peak hires (most could barely read a map) so I figured I'd hear something back.

    Been looking for another job in the meantime and while I'm not holding my breath, it sure would be a break.