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  1. stoic_atarian

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    I am a newbie part timer and am somewhat confused about what the P1400 is for. It seems like the same length as the P1200, only the roof is lower, which seems to leave less space on the shelves. And it doesn't have the curvy fiberglass top in the front.

    Also, what does the HUD stand for in HUD Truck? Or at least thats what I've heard the straight trucks called so I assume its a acronym.
  2. DS

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    hey stoey...a p 14 holds 1400 cu ft
    a p12 1200 cu ft,a p8 holds...need I go on?
    as far as hud goes I dont know.maybe where the
    sups hide when the district manager visits...
    hiding under desk...just a thought...
  3. scratch

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    I have never heard the term "HUD Truck". I started out driving a "straight truck", meaning a 24' box with a separate cab, which we called a "City Van" or Van. I don't know where this name came from, to me it just set them apart from a Package Car or Feeder. I get the impression on the Brown Cafe that sometimes different terms are used in different areas.
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    C'mon, More, where are you? Let's see.....HUD...

    Huge Ugly Delivery

    Highly Unsatisfied Dirtbag

    High Undrugtested Driver

    (Moreluck is much better at this than I.......)
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    sorry, Over....I missed all the fun. You did just fine !!

  6. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    Never heard of such an animal. Largest I've seen is p1200.
    What is the car number start with?
    If it starts with 140 than that's the newest p1000. Cars starting with 130,131,132 are all p1200's.
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  7. dragracer66

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    100% correct BTM no such thing as a 1300 or 1400. 1200 is the biggest we go in a package car!!!
  8. mattwtrs

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    In my center the largest car we have is a P1200 & it's too long to fit inside the building. I think it's 30' bumper to bumper. I know the reload wastes no time unloading it so they can closes the metro area's doors.
  9. breadbooze

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    The 140's are the new 1000's and are wicked fast.

    What do you call a package car that starts with a 13 and is the length of the old p1000's? it sure isn't long enough to be a p1200.
  10. EAM_Master

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    It's a P-1000, they just ran out of numbers :lol:
  11. ncamara

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    There's also P12s with 13 in the number, we've got 133... as a P12. Does anyone know what kind of numbering system they are using now, since they've run out of numbers? Is it still by size, or are they differentiating between manufacturers also?
  12. How come new P1000's are hard to come by?
  13. browntruckmechanic

    browntruckmechanic Well isn't that special ?????????

    I don't even think Corp Automotive knows how the cars are numbered.