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    I am a student doing a research projects on UPS. some of the questions I need answered are about the current climate with the union and UPS. Could some one tell me some infomation about any issues that are currently being debated and how helpfull management is or isnt. Also what are the major aspects of the collective bargaining agreement.
    thanks you
    Anthony Sanchez
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    try the ups labor relations thread.
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    Well, from the negative tone of the responses, don't bother with individual truck drivers, as you can read, they are hostile. Try and make contact with direct sources, or parties as close as possible to direct contract negotiations. At the least, contact the mouth pieces who officially speak on behalf of those representing both entities in the contract talks. What would or could any driver know about the atmosphere beyond his little narrow experience, maybe a driver might give you some apriori insight, so what? A couple of opinions might be interesting, yet not very accurate in determining the overall atmosphere.
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    As well as you try to obfuscate your identity, your style of writing reveals who you are.
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    obfuscate?apriori?what words are these you use?
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    My word is basic English. His word is a philosophical argument between two points of view.
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    I'll bite. :teethy:

    The company continues to get as much out of us as they can. The Union steps in when necessary to make sure the contract is followed.

    No hard feelings; it's business as usual.