Questions for clarification from the Union everyone should ask

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  1. browned out

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    What is the trade off for the Teamsters to take control of health care and
    UPS not provide it. Will the teamster’s be allowed to deny benefits to Right to
    Work for Less scabs? If so do you think it will be ruled legal that UPS pays
    the Teamsters to provide benefits and therefore can “force” employees to join
    the union if they want union benefits?

    Did the pension plan change to where employees are not eligible from ages
    17 to 21 to accrue any pension?

    It seems than not all of the changes in the agreement are included in what
    is crossed out and what is new in Bold. I am
    sure that some of us are studying the implications of every word of this tentative agreement;
    not just the Bold & crossed out sections.

    What about the following?

    1. Any portion of any
    may be re-allocated as an increased contribution to a Teamster
    Pension or Health &Welfare Fund. The re-allocation shall apply to all
    employees in a Supplement, Rider or Addendum, as applicable, provided all of the
    affected employees (full or part-time, if applicable) are covered by the same
    Pension or Health & Welfare Fund

    What is the STD (short term disability) weekly wage and where are the details of the Teamster
    Health Care Plan located?

    How will my wanted overtime be affected when UPS can pay $25 an hour for up
    to 4 years to a progression employee? What is my right to my work and

    This section seems like a give away also ...........
    (10)Mileage Determination instead of actual miles driven

    The method of measurement for mileage under this provision will be Microsoft Streets and Trips mapping or similar successor software

    does that mean a driver who has to take a long detour will only be paid as the crow flies?

  2. jaker

    jaker trolling

    My question is , if you control my health care what keeps you from taking it from me for whatever reason you want

    You might give it to me now , but the next contract you can say the union doesn't want to do it anymore then what happens
  3. Delivered

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    Call and ask your Local and the International who negotiated that for us.

    Because we'll get a big pile of :censored2:
  4. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    Free H&W is a big pile?? Have you read the comparisons between the plans? I didn't think so.
  5. Delivered

    Delivered Member

    Yeah I have, what's a Big Pile is that the CS Trustees can change such said plan at any moment with NO vote from the Membership. But I'm sure that would never happen til like maybe 2014
  6. jaker

    jaker trolling

    This Contract is not great on our health care , but the next one who is to say the union doesn't screw us all together on it

    We can't nogaitate with the union on what they want to give us for Heath care
  7. RealPerson

    RealPerson Active Member

    No, Free is what the people who do not have Jobs are getting....
    I work Very Hard, even had Back surgery for what I provide for my Family.
  8. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    I have. TEAMCARE is INFERIOR to what the UPS plan is now.
  9. anonymous4

    anonymous4 Active Member

    Yes, many tout this "free" spew as if UPS gives us these things out of the kindness of heart.
  10. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    ​Just like you hump packages out of the kindness of your heart.
  11. anonymous4

    anonymous4 Active Member

    That's not from the heart but some place else.

    And yes, you're right. I don't work for free, UPS doesn't give anything more than they need to and the circle is complete. So why am I being told I should be thankful for free benefits?
  12. RealPerson

    RealPerson Active Member

    So, "IF" Benifits get reduced, or anything, then our work should be also....

    I call this the Cost of Damage to my body going up!
  13. The Other Side

    The Other Side Well-Known Troll Troll

    INTHEGAME.... why the happy face? Why are you so "POT COMMITTED" on this contract? What makes you think you are getting a great deal? What is it that you DONT understand about the new health care insurance that "we" employees are transitioning too?

    Did you miss this part of the T.A.??
    Memorandum of Understanding

    United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and the Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee (Union) provide the following in order to detail the benefits available through Central States Health & Welfare plan. Nothing within this Memorandum of Understanding shall affect the Central States Health & Welfare Trustee’s right to modify benefit levels.

    Do you even COMPREHEND what this even means?

    How are employees "protected" in the future from decreasing benefits and increasing costs with this sentence in the NMA???

    Do you even understand what this sentence SUGGESTS?


  14. UPS_Broken_Dreams

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    I understand this is a part time job with great benefits but what I don't understand is why UPS forces 5-6 hours worth of work in a 3 1/2 hour shift (rhetorical, I do understanding) but I'm sure giving either more money an hour or more hours in a day would be better and safer. Packages are falling on the floor, the belts constantly being stopped. This isn't safe working conditions at all. I've never worked a part time job that leaves me sore and drained after 3 hours. All Bc Ft drivers are greedy and someone needs to absorb the astronomical amount they make to drive a truck...
  15. rudy5150

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    The union never helps out the over worked part timers....a fair days work=fair days pay Not at UPS when they want 8hrs work done within 4 hrs
  16. brownmonster

    brownmonster Man of Great Wisdom

    I had a couple of jobs in the past where I felt I was under compensated. I quit.
  17. UPS_Broken_Dreams

    UPS_Broken_Dreams New Member

    Trust me I would if it wasn't for the benefits which you have to wait a year for, what a joke. Record profits and we keep giving away. Once gone we can never get back and now I'm not even sure what our healthcare looks like.
  18. 3 done 3 to go

    3 done 3 to go In control of my own destiny

    Do you know why you are doing twice the work? Because you do it. That's why. It's about numbers now. Till you realize it keep making your supervisor rich. Work for you not them. Another scared whimp
  19. Inthegame

    Inthegame Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the kind words. I don't think it's a great deal but I believe it's a fair deal. And yes I saw the MOU that contains basic legal language that is present in every Union sponsored H&W plan. And in those plans occasionally benefit levels do change if and when necessary. But they don't change at the level some posters are fearing. The TA calls for the funding levels necessary from UPS to provide the benefits advertised. They are similar to what is currently offered but do contain additional costs for those that seek service only. No cost whatsoever if you don't need medical attention. That is better than paying any co-premium and that's what UPS was offering. The old plan with the high levels was done. Show me another plan at any employer that doesn't require cost sharing with their employees. UPS management pays beaucoup co-premiums.
    I've been under a no-cost union plan for over thirty years that could do all the nasty deeds you're warning about, but they haven't because responsible leaders negotiated sufficient contribution rates to keep high levels of coverage levels and controlled costs through good management. It happens because the Union trustees actually care about the members. Wow, even without TDU's help, our locals guys give a damn. What a novel concept, a concept that happens in union halls throughout this country, even in yours, even as you and your new found friends show your appreciation.

    Ingratitude, thou marble-hearted fiend...
  20. realbrown1

    realbrown1 Annoy a liberal today. Hit them with facts.

    I guess then it is really, really great insurance if you never need to use it. Won't cost you a penny-as long as you just don't use it.
    I wonder how many people never use their medical insurance and work for UPS?