Quit back in July, going to mail my name badge, then will I get my check?

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  1. So anyways, I made this thread back in August how I quit

    Anyways, I am going to mail my badge back and my sweaty wristband strap thing for the scanner (hahahaha) And should I include a letter or something that they need to send my paycheck? I would honestly drive to pick it up but it's like a 40+ minute drive depending on traffic and my check is probably 30-40 dollars thanks for being sent home immediately or within 30 minutes most of the week due to "low volume" despite the fact they were on a mass hiring spree.

    If they don't send my check what should I do next? I'm mostly doing it on principle since it's illegal to keep someone's paycheck, and the main reason I haven't done it yet is well, it's $30-40. And they suck and need to be brought down a notch.
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    Why haven't you called them and ask that your paycheck be mailed to you? Or gone down to the building to turn in your ID and pick up your check? I'd drive 40min for money that I earned...whether it was $400 or $40. Man up, Buttercup.
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    They are holding his check until he turns in his badge and any other equipment. UPS does the same thing.

    To the OP---send the stuff back and include a SASE for your check.
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    How is them keeping the money you earned taking them down a notch?
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    That's kinda what I was wondering......perhaps because they don't have his sweaty wristband strap thing?
  6. I meant im going to take them down a notch and get my money i earned
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    Let us know how that works out for you.
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    I would send it in certified mail return rcpt with an sase and a letter requesting my final paycheck. No point in burning 15 bucks of gas, and a couple of hours dealing with people you never wanted to see again over 40 dollars.

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    It depends on your state's laws. In California they can't hold your check for anything. If you file a wage claim they have to pay a fine for each day your check is withheld.
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    How though? They've been holding your money for how long now? They could really probably care less whether you've returned your id and wrist band or not.
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    I had belts long sleeve polo shirts polo short shorts jackets for winter and fall raincoats pants long sleeve sweaters Fedex wanted it all back I threw everything out and told them to contact the local garbage company if they wanted their stuff back. I got fired and Wednesday and the following Tuesday I had my final check my vacation and two personal days sent me a check it came P1.
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    That's not the way UPS operates. They will spend $10,000 fighting this guy because he hasn't givin back a sweaty wrist band and a firkin badge that don't mean anything.