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    i know what you're thinking not another raise question. i had 2 new hires i talk to regularly well not new hires they just met their 1 year anniversary
    but they received a raise. i thought no one was supposed to get a raise right now? also they are getting paid more after the raise then another pter who
    has more time with the company, what should the third pter do? stewards are hard to find in my shift also i believe the 2 new hires complained about the raise not
    sure if thats why they received it.
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    You will get raises as provided for in the current contract. A retro pay check will be issued after all local supplements are done. Do you have a copy of your current contract? If not, call your hall. They will help you.
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    Hold the phone.....if we complain about raises, we receive them?? Why was I not informed??? Have you forgotten who we work for? All complaining at ups gets you is.... more work!! lol
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    BT, the 2 coworkers got bumped up to the 1 (one) year payrate under the "2008"-"2013" contract, which is still in effect until ratification of all supplements/riders. Need more information about the third pter you mentioned. Is s/he counting time worked as a 'seasonal' instead of going by a permanent seniority date? Job assignment?

    Thank you for taking the time to help your coworkers (union brothers/sisters).
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    the third pter not sure if he is counting his seasonal since he has about 1 1/2 years and making $10.00 and other 2 guys
    are making $10.50 now. i had also seen the sups do this to another new hire that didnt have a year in but somehow got skilled pay
    for being in the unload which had bumped him up to $10.50.