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hi all :laugh:, i just recently transfer to the ventura hub from the anaheim hub...within a month ago i've family problem and school problem, so now i needed to transfer back to anaheim hub:crying:...i talked to my HR guy and he said that i cant transfer back to anaheim until i've worked at ventura hub for six months:ohmy:...but i don't have six months to wait, i will not have a place to live in ventura in a few weeks and school will start in anaheim pretty soon...i like the hour of the job and i really don't want to quit this job...i was wondering if anyone here knows what i can do?? any help would be greatly appreciated:thumbup1:

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Quit and rehire.....If you're someone the company wants back you should be ok. The only issue you will have is losing your seniority. But you should have known the rules of engagement before you transfered. Sometimes you just need to cut your losses and bite the bullet on the seniority issue.


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Quick question: What position are you currently? I'm asking because I'm going to have to see about transferring next year for school, but I'm hoping to be supervising by then.


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i'm currently working in the small sort area...but a quick tip for you...before u transfer make sure that it is for sure, because they'll be a pain if u plan to transfer back...dont make a mistake like me...good luck toyou.. and thanks to all who replied to this...