Realistic Chances Of Getting Hired by UPS If your A Driver Helper

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Mark Lessa, Dec 25, 2015.

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    What are the chances of getting hired on by UPS after you have worked as a Driver Helper? I know that they would put me in the warehouse which is fine for me. Even though it is Part Time I was told by the Driver that Most of your Medical benefits are Paid for. I'm working out of the New Port Richey,Fl Branch. It is not a huge Facility but I'm hoping top get hired on. I'm working with a Lady named Slyvia, who Is a very nice Lady & I must say that I have a Greater Appreciation for what you guys do now that I'm a helper. A Big shout out goes to all of the ladies that work for UPS. You ladies Kick ASS when It comes to delivering your parcels.

    Although most of the Packages that I have delivered are not that heavy there is a lot of going upstairs/downstairs. Back in the Truck Buckle up & unbuckle. Just a lot of repetition. Not to mention many of the homes you deliver to have so many obstacles that you have to deal with. Christmas decorations, walking around a lot of Trash at some locations. Driveways that have loose stones that you have to walk on. People parking 3 cars side by side & I'm thinking how do I get to there door without rubbing up against the cars. Dealing with different addresses like Building numbers, Floor Number & then you have some Apartments that have Letters A,B,C,etc...

    I have been out of work for over two months & I know that I can do the job. My previous job was a lot harder than what I'm doing here at UPS so I know that I'm a hard worker. That being said i would like to reiterate what a Great Job you Full Time Workers do. Last but not Least Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all of the UPS workers & there Families.

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    UPS was crazy enough to hire me after being a temp seasonal helper, so anythings possible.
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    Turnover is so high and the demand for labor so strong that if you express interest in the job, eventually you will be hired. In some locations it might be immediate while in others it may not be until the summer, but it will happen. Happy Kawanza!!
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    what Bagels said. keep trying. you'll get on.
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    I helper coordinator asked all our helpers if they were interested in work after Christmas. Assuming you did a good job you have a better chance than a random applicant. I know our local sort (evening shift) was overstaffed for peak. So there are a lot of local variables that we can know or help you with.

    Best of luck. Check out the job site for UPS and look for postings. And thanks for your help this peak.
    * Oh and in a lot of places you qualify for health insurance after a year. And it is probably one of the best plans in the country.
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    The women who work at UPS aren't really women.
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    Once you driver help you can't be anything else at UPS. You've reached the absolute top.
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    I mean there's feeders but I pretty much agree.
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    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

  12. Future

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    Absolutely bet to really pursue would be in March...was told this by my HR mgr.....cause I was really to try to help out my helper....very good just depends though on the size of the building and turnover....
  13. Rainman

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    Change your user name.
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  15. Future

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    lol....yes asap
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    At my building, the second quarter of the new year is probably the best time to get in if you're not kept on after the holiday season. People who were kept on leave/find better or other work. And new FT/PT driver bid positions have been filled, opening up spots in the inside work part time ranks.
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    0 to none.
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    About the same chance of the sun not rising tomorrow
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    So your saying there is a chance.
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    I was a driver helper, and was hired on after that.