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  1. bacha29

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    Look, we could have given the guy a few comforting words that might have eased his worries for an hour or two but what good would that have done? Because in the end whether it's good or bad everyone has to stand on their record.
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    You got a frog in your pocket? I responded to you, and you seemed to be the only stiff bustin his balls. Stop with the "We"

    bsbullf.gif. Get thicker skin also sweetheart.
  3. bacha29

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    Oh a little testy are we? So who's the one with the thin skin? Everybody has something on their record that employers flag for further study. it could be a deciding factor or it could be nothing at all . There's nothing I can do about it I have no assurances to offer that could help the individual.
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    Just be ready for 2 hour lunches!!!
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    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to shut it. Instead, you act like OF and criticize. Stop inviting yourself to the party.
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  6. bacha29

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    it's neither your party or mine and you know who's party it really belongs to.