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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by simian box chucker, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. simian box chucker

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    I recently relocated to Florida, from Wisconsin, where I worked as a part timer. (east-side of Madison) .. I decided to give UPS a temporary go, down here, but have since been informed that I will not be rehired at my former wages.:angry:

    I've heard things like, "If you had moved because of school, you could have transferred, but because you are not an active student, you must quit and start over."

    Is there anything that I can do about this, or am I pretty much screwed?

    I understand the seniority issue, but I guess I figured my wages would be unaffected. Am I being lied to, or am I stuck at $8.50 / hr? (I was up to like $13.25 or something when I left, about 6 months ago..)
  2. brownrodster

    brownrodster New Member

    You have to start over with new hire wages.
    I've seen it happen many times.
  3. simian box chucker

    simian box chucker New Member

    That's what I figured. It's not the end of the world; I just wanted to make sure I wasn't getting an abnormal screwing. If I was planning to go the long-haul and retire with UPS, I suppose I'd be a little more upset.
  4. scratch

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    No, you are just getting the normal screwing. Anytime you quit and move, you have to get a student transfer or you are considered a new hire. You start over at the bottom of the seniority list. I know of two drivers that had to do this. They kept pension credits, but both are 20+ year Cover Drivers
  5. brownmonster

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    Chucker, it's probably worth the pay cut to live in less than 2 foot of snow. Madison got hit with another pile on Friday.
  6. rod

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    I would take 2 feet of snow any day over 90+ degrees and 110% humidity:peaceful:
  7. trplnkl

    trplnkl 555

    NOT MEEEEEEEE! Give me the sunshine and the sweat anyday.
  8. RockyRogue

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    Trplnkl, where are you in Texas??? I'm from Dallas and lived in Northern Illinois for many years. Illinois' had big problem with humidity, though probably not as humid as Florida. I'll take HOT any day but you can KEEP the humidity! I spent a weekend in New Mexico late last summer. I think I've found the place I want to live long-term: almost zero humidity and plenty of HEAT. -Rocky
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    I am trying to transfer from the Plattsburgh, NY hub to the Longmont or Boulder, CO hub. I am enrolled at CU Boulder for the spring 2010 semester. I talked to HR and asked what happens if they do not grant my transfer in time for me to go out for class and she said I don't get a position but did not give me any options or offer to help me figure out what I should do. I want to know if there is a way I can leave my current hub and start school and be on a wait list for the next open position. I have worked at UPS since 6/2004 as a part-time teamster. I am married and have three kids (work another full-time job now as well - which, when I move for school, I will not have) and do not want to lose the insurance coverage with UPS. I also do not want to start over. For UPS claiming to value education and assisting students, it seems like they do not offer much help. Anyone have any advice?
  10. companal2

    companal2 HR Supv

    Yaffanator, UPS does value education and assisting students. Your issue is with the Union Contract. UPS is bound to abide by the contract and as a result, you will have to make a very tough decision. Either hold off on your transfer until a position in the new location is available, go to school locally where you already live, OR resign and start all over again.
  11. bumped

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    Is this something new? When did it start?
  12. JonFrum

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    Can you quote the clause in the Union Contract that has tied the Company's hands? I think the decision to grant a transfer is entirely in UPS' hands.

    And we all know there are always open slots available in the part-time ranks, given UPS' high turnover rate. Just ask the working supervisors who fill them.
  13. companal2

    companal2 HR Supv

    Read your contract book, the verbage on transferring to another location is there and it's very clear! It amazes me that when there's something in the contract book that union members don't like, you want to start talking about the company's "flexibility." You either follow the contract on everything or it's useless.

    Also, depending on the size and location of the center, there may not be a PT opening, especially now with the volume being way down. I have been the HR Rep for many small centers and in some of them, you can go a year or two and not have a single PT opening. Hence, if someone wants to move to one of those areas, they will be S.O.L on the transfer.

    We cannot and will not create a spot for anyone just because they want to move to another area.
  14. JonFrum

    JonFrum Member

    Volume is UP not DOWN. It's Peak! There is an economic recovery (sort of) in progress.

    I doubt that a building needs to go a year or two between creating part-time jobs. Turnover, vacations, terminations, working supervisiors, voluntary quits, and people being promoted to full-time or supervision must open up an occasional spot.

    A "job" is at minimum 3.5 hours of work. But ten minutes is actually break time, and there is some non-productive time surrounding break as well as during start up and wind down. Some jobs only have a three hour guarantee. And some workers will voluntarily go home before three or three-and-a-half hours. Some may even take the whole shift off as a voluntary layoff. And no job is non-stop. There is some dead time during the shift. So we only have to come up with maybe two or three hours of actual work to create a new job.

    Now since you are apparently the only management person that believes the Contract should be followed, how about seeing if all the windows and mirrors are clean each day on every vehicle, and if all the front line trailers are swept daily. If they aren't, then there, I just created a new job. Transfer request APPROVED. :happy-very:
  15. brownIEman

    brownIEman Well-Known Member

    I work in a preload operation that runs about 100-120 preloaders per day. We have not hired anyone in over a year. We layed off several people earlier in the year, thankfully they are all back at work now that it is peak. But we have enough for peak, and I do not see any hiring going on anytime in the near future.

    Making up work to create a position is a great way to support folks who want to transfer to further their education and a great way to show UPS is willing to work with employees to assist them with their personal goals. Unfortunately, making it a set policy is also a great way to run a corporation... straight into the ground.
  16. JonFrum

    JonFrum Member

    Never said anything about making up work. Just pointing out that Article 18, Section 1, says, "First line trailers will be swept on a daily basis. All tractors and package cars will be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition including mirrors and windows."

    If those tasks are not being done, well, there's a job right there that both the Union and the Company have agreed is contractually mandated.