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  1. MeThePeople

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    Hi, im a preloader and i will be moving to florida next week. I want to continue working for ups but the local ups down there is not accepting applications. I know i will have to quit and be rehired and its not a problem. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what i can do.
  2. moreluck

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    MeThePeople.......I have no ideas for you, but I sure wish I'd have thought up that name. I love it !!

  3. dragracer66

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    Yea...Don't move!!!!:lol:
  4. SmithBarney

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    If you resign, make sure your center manager or SUP makes sure to check the "rehirable"
    box when you do the exit interview, speak to HR also and they will make sure
    the center manager checked the box. Otherwise you can be forever(possibly) locked out of UPS.

    You'll have to wait till they have an opening to get rehired.
  5. RockyRogue

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    True. The retention supervisor at the time I left UPS the first time checked the negative rehire box. I asked why it was checked and she promptly corrected it. No explanation was offered and I wasn't exactly that curious at the time. -Rocky
  6. LKLND3380

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    Where are you going in FL?

    We just went through three new hires on a set of cars. I would say six or seven preloaders on the same set of cars over the last year.
  7. Dis In Franchised

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    What area of Florida? Cause as I know it Preload is ALWAYS LOOKING for help:confused:1
  8. MeThePeople

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    thanks everyone for replying and thanks fredly for telling me about the rehirable box. Im moving to the spring hill area and the nearest location taking applications is 30 miles away compared to the local one thats 8 miles.
  9. MR_Vengeance

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    i think there's an educational transfer for part timers.
  10. RockyRogue

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    There is. Its hit or miss. I don't know how well it would work going cross country like MeThePeople is trying. My instate transfer was denied because there were no openings. If there are no openings, the transfer is denied. -Rocky