Resignation in the Mail!!!!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Gman24, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. Gman24

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    Hopefully, it's a done deal this time. My "Reamsters" resignation letter is in the mail as we speak. After the 2nd time maybe they'll realize I am serious this time. I went to the NLRB website and printed off the National Labor Relations Act and sent a copy of it to them along with my resignation letter. A copy was sent to TEAMSTERS local as well as UPS Payroll dept in a certified letter.

    I'll let you guys know how it goes.

    The flood gates are open for any criticism. I wouldn't expect anything but that from any of my former brethren!!!! :lol: :lol:
  2. trickpony1

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    so as not to disappoint......

    when you get fired for some trumped up reason you be sure and run to your local union and beg for protection.:mad:
    While you're at it, see if you can quit paying your state and federal taxes for police and fire protection because, after all, when was the last time you had to call the police or fire department.
    The company loves people that resign from the union.
  3. satellitedriver

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    You have my support Gman. Sometimes it feels like, "All against one and one against all". You are not alone.
  4. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    How can you be disppointed when by law the union has to represent all employees equally on contract violations?
    Or, are you implying,
    the"REAMSTERS" will not represent you fairly if you do not send them money?
    Since when can one equate the "REAMSTER" union to the Federal, State or local government?

    Trumped up reason? Like breaking the rules.
    I do not beg.
  5. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    You are breaking new ground Gman and I commend you for it.
    The union has NEVER done anything for me even when I needed them.
    Here in Canada we make just over $22 an hr CDN ,never mind the $28 an hr US you guys make.Our union sucks.Maybe in the old days the union actually did something,and if I could quit I would too.
    Bring on the APWA
  6. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    You can quit the union, make a strong point, risk getting harassed by co-workers, and by the union itself.
    Or you can stay in it, not rock the boat, just do your job, and maybe one day they'll be the knight in shining armor.

    I hate unions, but I opt for the latter. Just stay under the radar. Choose which fights you pick. This ain't a good one.
  7. Fredless

    Fredless APWA Hater

    Well said. The IBT has done everything for me promptly and I always get call backs from the business agent in 24 hours. But I know it can't be perfect everywhere.

    One of you said "back in the day" maybe the IBT was better. Well, lets say you guys cry enough and get the IBT out and APWA, create this great union. For our generation, who will fill the founders shoes? Corruption will follow as money grows, I DONT CARE WHAT organization it is - Your local Church, Mosque, Temple, Charity organziation - theres no way EVERYONE is going to get please and theres going to be corruption.

    Just like Democracy, you think the USA will last forever? The Romans surely thought the same thing. I'm glad I was fortuneate to get born into what history will see as the golden age of America.

    I'm just curious, as I'm a young UPS employee. - We elect the IBT officials right? So, why don't YOU all go to union meetings and voice your opinions and KICK OUT the officials and IF you all are in the majority RUN FOR POSISTIONS and CHANGE THINGS? I'm not trying to start a war, but is there a history here where the APWA people have tried to change things and they were in the majority, but still got shot down?
  8. trickpony1

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    Maybe hoser and satellitedriver can start their own union.
    They can have an election to determine who is president and VP.
    Their slate can be:
    It's all about us!
    We want something for nothing!
    "Just stay under the radar"? Does that mean let the company have what it wants, when it wants it?
    " law the union has to represent all.....", I'm assuming you're talking about dues paying as well as non-dues paying people. If this isn't such a big deal to you then you won't mind delivering packages for free.
    My guess is you two are located at some small center out in the sticks where the center manager drops by once a day to see how things are going. Try working at a big hub where supes have noithing to do all day but stand around with their hands in their pockets playing pocket billiards and waiting for the next driver to come along to mess with.
    Oh, and by the way, when the company messes with you try finding an attorney downtown that will represent you for things like:
    -over 9.5 days
    -seniority issues
    -screwing up your paycheck
    -supes that go on witch hunts
    -trumped up sexual harassment charges
    I'm just guessing here but I bet you two are some of the young, innocent, impressionable, wide-eyed and bulletproof kids the company preys on to slowly crumble any representation and protection (kinda like the police and the fire dept) the workers have.
    Make sure your mommies know what time to wake you up....... you wouldn't want to oversleep.
  9. upsdawg

    upsdawg UPSDAWG

    Yo--Gman.........I have been so upset with the union that I shared the same thoughts as you-------but was not in a position to walk----you have my respect!!

    What are the particulars?? The union sucks but what are the alternatives??? I often wonder what would happen if it was a company owned business---no outside owners--would we conduct business diferently???
  10. LKLND3380

    LKLND3380 Active Member

    Prior to sending your letter, how many General Membership meetings did you attend?

    Did you vote in the last election?

    Your union is what you make of it. You pay dues, go see what you are paying for... Be apart of it... So many bitch about this and that with the union but nobody acts to help make a change...

    UPS workers are a large part of the Teamster membership and UNITED as ONE, UPS workers can be heard... Not just your Union stewards but everyone from your center or hub should attend the January General meeting at your locals... BE ACTIVE AND DO SOMETHING TOWARDS A CHANGE...
  11. hoser

    hoser Industrial Slob

    Don't insult me by saying I would stoop so low into being a union leader :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    That's like voting for a democratic senator in Alabama and expecting revolution to occur. even if the elected democratic senator won, nothing would change. you'd just feel better about yourself, thinking that you inspired such change.
  12. sendagain

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    I suppose that means they stop taking union dues out of your check; but does it also mean the company stops contributing to your pension plan as well, freezing any pension contributions while you continue to work at UPS? Doesn't that also mean your pension will not rise anymore?
  13. boatman

    boatman New Member

    it is every members fault that they donot stick together for change. i am not in the teamsters but my wife is here is what i know 100 per cent dental used to be the best. the teamsters still pay 100 per cent just no dentists will take there amount has not risen in years. 250aweek disability been that way for 18 years. only way to change is to be informed as to what your benafits are some at ups have no clue
  14. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    Union Dues have NOTHING to do with the Pension or Medical Plan.
  15. 30andout

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    When the police and fire don't do anything when I call, then maybe I'll want to stop paying taxes. Kinda like how I don't like paying union dues for nothing.
  16. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    I think if you pusillanimous out of the Union, you should first lose your Union negotiated wage. We'll drop your wage $5 an hour.

    Well, actually that's the second thing. You've already lost the respect of your co-workers.
  17. Gman24

    Gman24 Member

    I'm so glad you asked those questions, because you will probably be surprised at my answer.

    I attended almost every meeting that I possibly could. At our center up until recently, we had monthly meetings with the Union Stewards and went over issues concerning our center and grievances filed. I attended pretty much every one of them. Myself along with a couple of others probably had a better attendance than even the Union stewards at the time.

    I also attended meetings at our Local Union Hall on occasion. Myself and a couple of others were the only ones from our center to attend the last such meeting.

    I have voted in every election possible since day 1 (almost 17 years ago) and I did vote in the last election. No I wasn't a Hoffa supporter. I have made it known many times on this forum that that would be my last official act as a Teamster. I can not support another organization and still pay dues to the Teamsters. That would make me a hypocrite.

    It's funny, one of you guys said that I would lose the respect of my co workers???? I received a couple of phone calls 2day from a couple of my fellow co workers who said that they respected my decision and understood totally. By the way, I am not the first, and from what I hear, I won;t be the last at my center to resign from the Teamsters.

    I knew I would get bashed, and I also pretty much knew the ones who would be first in line. But I am surprised at the support I have gotten from other Teamsters who want to resign but can't. For those who think they can't, do the research and see for yourself that you can.

    Also for those of you who think I am a UNION basher, I am not. I am against the corrupt ways of the Teamsters. I'm sorry that some of you don't see that.
  18. rd0127

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    GMan I am proud of you! It takes a strong man to stand up for what he believes in. There are many, many who feel like you, if they could all get the courage to stand up, then real change might happen.
  19. DS

    DS Fenderbender could be that the original poster is the only one of us that aint a pusillanimous.Brotherhood my ass.I didn`t ask to be a teamster,I was forced.

    Another thing over9,in my 16 years,I`ve donated over 7 grand to your heros,for what? When I was taken out of service a few years ago,I made several fruitless calls to the rep of which not one was returned.The only reason I got my job back was my sup convinced the center manager that I was a benefit to the company,and deserved another chance.

    Lastly,I dont understand why my co workers would lose respect for me for standing up for my rights.They would probobly be jealous and join me.The scariest part of all this is that the union and the company are the real brotherhood,we are just sheep that often get sacrificed In the name of policy and protocol.We need a new union.I wont feel sorry for the teamsters when they are gone.
  20. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    pusillanimous out of the union?
    I stood at the picket line in 1997 and asked every person there to give me a rational reason not to go back to work. Face to face. No one had a answer that could explain how we could turn down a profit sharing check every other year (the first one being $3,500) and 25 yrs and out at any, age plus lifetime fully paid medical for your entire family.
    The union won that contract by getting us all a 50 cent a year raise and losing the profit checks,pension and medical benefits.
    By the way,UPS offered the same 50 cent per raise per year in their offer.
    "We'll drop your wage by $5 dollars an hour" comment does not fit the "REAMSTERS" mentality, since they base dues on the hourly wage.
    Respect is earned, not given. The "REAMSTER'S" lost any respect they were due in 97'. That is when I quit "giving" my dues to them and started investing that money to make up the shortfall that I could see coming and sadly that shortfall has come to pass.
    When you keep getting screwed by the "REAMSTERS" and are still willing to be their cheerleader. That justs begs the question of," Who is the pusillanimous now?"