Former employee with UPS - unable to get my paycheck

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by gprix0885, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Hello, I browsed the FAQ and think this may be the right forum to post in. I was employed with UPS for 10 years and quit September 2017. Shortly afterwards I received a letter in the mail stating that there were approximately 2-3 paychecks never cashed and they were trying to verify my address so they can send these checks to me. I responded verifying my address and haven't received any letters or check stubs since. It has been about six months now..Ive called my HR dept, and have contacted union representatives over the phone and in person at my local Teamsters office. So far ive been told they'll look into my issue and have given me a number to call which is related to payroll. I keep calling this number and am directed to voicemail. After leaving a few messages I still havent gotten any response. I was wondering if anybody reading this may know who to contact or email regarding this issue. Sorry for the lengthy post :wink2:
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    Sounds odd. Do you recall never cashing a paycheck or depositing it? You can also get on the UPSERS web site and look at your paycheck history if this helps.
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    877-876-5309. Jenny works front desk.
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    I doubt they are logging into without an employee ID.
    Your best bet is to contact your state's labor office and file a complaint.
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    Don’t get in to big of a hurry maybe you can get some retro pay
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    Search your states unclaimed funds.
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    Thank you I will try each of these. I still am able to login with my old employee number on upsers as well. Will look into it
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    He could have easily got her number off the wall.
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    Damn, 10 years? Respect to you man.
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    i think you already cashed them
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    Why’d ya quit?
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    A, who still gets live checks???
    And B, who still gets live checks, and can get shorted several weeks pay without noticing???

    Something doesn't smell right with that last one.
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    Does your letter state which weeks were not cashed? Use your upsers site listing your paychecks. Figure out which ones they are. Contact your states Wage and Hours division. Also, MAKE A COPY pf your letter from them and submit that with what you have figured out you're owed. If you can't figure out which ones are missing; submit the copy of the letter and you can bet the company will get right on it. Wage and Hours is the one group that the company doesn't mess with. Good luck and I apologize for Indecision's lack of sensititivy. I ABSOLUTELY hate when he and others add the Jennie phone number. It's not funny anymore. Good luck. Some of us do believe in helping others.
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    That's not Jenny's phone number.
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    Try the UPS helpline. It gets helps to get HR to do something as they get a nice notification from corporate.
    UPS Helpline
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    I'm guessing the money is with your State's escheator office which holds all unclaimed money or property.
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    You should have picked up your checks.
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    You should call 800-867-5309 and file a complaint.
  20. BrownMonk

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    Your State's Department of Labor should be able to intervene on your behalf if the escheator doesn't have it.