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    I went on to view my last paycheck.

    I noticed on the Personal and Payroll Information Home page( you have to hit "view paycheck" on the first page you are on after you log in to get to get to this page) that there is something called "Complete your Respiratory exam form" under " HR Service Center Self Service" . And under "Complete your Respiratory exam form" , there is a link that says "Respiratory Exams".

    I was tempted by curiosity to clink the link to see what it was about but I didn't want to unintentionally start the ball rolling on something I have no business being involved in.

    Anybody click that link for the purpose of complying with a D.O.T. exam or maybe for some other purpose? I would assume it has something to do with Sleep Apnea.

    Warning: Don't click the link to answer my question, I don't want you opening a can of worms either. But does anyone know what that is about?
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    It's not a DOT Exam, its for HAZMAT First Responders. It has nothing to do with Sleep Apnea, you have to download a printout from your C-Pap machine and bring a letter from your Pulmonary Doctor to get a DOT Card.

    The online DOT Exams are a joke, they won't print off my home computer. I have to do them in the office. They changed in April.
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    Heavy breathing is popular Saturday nights. Well, maybe not so much for some of the married folks.
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