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    I just won a bid for an evening air route that I'm very happy about. No more loading trucks! I have been driving Saturday air for almost three years, so I am at top rate. However, our center just posted three full-time driving positions. My question is if I'm restricted from bidding on these positions since I've only been doing the air route for two weeks. If I eventually drive full-time I want to start at my top air driver rate, so I don't have to work up through the normal three year progression. I don't want to bid on a full-time route if it will drop my rate since I just started. Basically, do I need to do this air route for a certain period of time like 30 days or longer before my top rate will transfer to a full-time position?

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    Suppose you make $20/hr as an air driver and you work 20 hours---you would gross $400. Now, suppose you make $16 as a FT driver (to start) and you work 46 hours--you would gross $784.

    I am not 100% sure but I always thought that if you accepted a bid with a lower starting wage that you would keep your current wage until such time as you surpass that wage in the progression cycle.

    I am also not that well versed on bids but I would have to think that you would have to work on the bid job that you accepted for a minimum period of time before you would be able to bid on and/or accept a different bid job.

    If it were me and I were able to bid on the FT job that is what I would do.
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    Unless he/she is article 22.5, he/she goes through full progression to FT.

    I am not sure if the OP is eligible to sign a FT bid though. I thought you could only win a new bid every 12 months.

    The best thing for the OP to do would be to look at their contract and regional supplement and call the local union office with specific questions.
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    I'm surprised a part-timer is allowed to do a PM Air Driving Route. The trend lately has been to make these jobs full-time because of this Contract language that was not always enforced in the past. Just be aware that your air driving job may disappear one of these days.


    In order for the Employer, the Union and the employees to further benefit from the expanding air operations, the following Sections shall supersede language on the same subjects in the Supplements, Riders and Addenda, unless specifically stated otherwise in this Article.

    Section 1 - Air Drivers
    (a) Air driver work shall consist of delivery and pickup of air packages which, because of time and customer commitments, cannot be reasonably performed by regular package drivers. . . .
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    In the grand scope of UPS. a "regular" package driver is a FT ground driver. There could be DOT violations for them driving to late into the PM.
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    they could do like they did in my building, they changed all the pu times on the letterboxes from the PM air route and changed them to 1800 so they could put them on 3 different drivers and then cut the PM air job that used to be 22.3
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    customers like later letterbox times. I've been chased down many times by people who just missed a letter box pickup time. If UPS decides to move those times later into the PM, you can't fault them for catering to our customer's needs.
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    Not if they start at noon.
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    It's all by seniority my friend. If your air route is full time,you don't gain full time seniority for 30days. Either way you have to go through a full time progression unless you are an article 22 and did already. Newly created jobs also go through pt list first
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    Not that it means anything but even if the pickup times were switched to 9 P.M. you would still have customers who would have a hard time getting to the pickup box on time. There will always be a certain percentage of "put it off to the last second" shippers. Unfortunately they are also the ones who complain the most.
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    There is no getting around the three year progression. And your rate will drop to 16.10 or whatever the starting wage is, no matter how long you drive PT air.

    If you were a FT (inside/inside), and finished wage progression, you'd have a 6-month break in period if you had not driven an air route before. That's the benefit of PT air going into FT, the only snag, and it doesn't factor into your situation.
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    "reasonably performed by regular package drivers. . ." Do you know any Full-timers that can (with todays dispatch standards)actually have time to perform the extra work ?????????

    In my area, Not a chance. Dispatch has them maxed out and burned out.

    If there weren't air drivers either P.M. or A.M. they would just spread the work out all over the already loaded Full-timers.

    When I run Full-time routes. I get dispatched 180 stops 20+ pick-ups on non-peak periods. LoL. Good luck with the extra work cause with todays UPS. they would give it and reduce time allowance even further B4 that add Full-time jobs. We are screwed enough as is don't yea think.

    Lets worry bout stronger contracts for full and part time drivers like in the interest of REALISTIC TIME ALLOWANCE with More union involvement and not just UPS Corp #'s and real solid additions of Driven positions . @ this rate it's going more towards dispatch for profit and against SAFETY !!!!!

    Focus on what matters. I'm not running Fulltime today means there are a few drivers getting their BUTTS handed to them today with a loaded dispatch !!!!