Retaliation for postings on BrownCafe

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by over9five, Jul 26, 2008.

  1. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Has anyone ever been talked to about their postings on BrownCafe?

    Does anyones management team know your BrownCafe name?

    Anyone ever heard anything being mentioned in the PCM about BrownCafe?

    What do you think????
  2. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    I have never been bothered by UPS by anything I have done on here. Most of my managers don't know about this site. I know five people in my building who are members of Brown Cafe, and a couple of lurkers. I have posted on here using my full name. And I have posted pictures of myself on here, check out my profile page and my photo albums. I am off the clock when I am online here, I don't understand why people get so paranoid about stuff like this.
  3. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    C'mon, Scratch, you know who we work for. There's good reason for some people to be paranoid. Vindictiveness and retaliation are common management practice at UPS. In fact, I once saw my sup studying the "10 Keys to Employer Retaliation".

    Actually, I posted this because of a post Cheryl made in another thread which made me wonder if people are being spoken to about their postings here.
  4. cheryl

    cheryl I started this. Staff Member

    The concern of the recent unregistered poster in the "Ups bean counter joins picket line quits job" thread was that he/she could encounter hostility from the militant union members in his building because he/she was voicing an anti union viewpoint.

    That person wasn't concerned about retaliation from mgt, he/she was worried about his co workers being angry that he/she wasn't backing the union.
  5. upsdude

    upsdude Well-Known Member

    Funny you should mention that. I was talking to an IE guy and 2 delivery sups a couple days ago and I mentioned reading about the UPSF accident involving a teenager. First thing one of the sups says is “you can’t believe anything on BC”. He hardly finished his sentence when the IE guy chimed in with “yes, I read that, terrible accident”. He followed up with “I read BC everyday before work”.

    What made the situation so funny was the sup had been brown nosing the IE guy. His little heart was crushed when he realized he’d crossed his hero. LOL.
  6. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Ahhh, I instantly leapt to the conclusion he was worried about UPS retaliation. I never considered co-worker retaliation.

    Wasn't he unregistered anyhow? Even registered, the only people who know you are the people who....know you.
  7. wkmac

    wkmac Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever been talked to about their postings on BrownCafe?


    Does anyones management team know your BrownCafe name?

    Yep! A number of them including some Corp. folks.

    Anyone ever heard anything being mentioned in the PCM about BrownCafe?

    What's a PCM?:wink2: Nope!

    What do you think????

    I was instructed that wasn't allowed at UPS?


    Now I have a question, what has Over so paranoid these days?

    Seriously Over, what gives? Even the corporate and management folks I know that look at this site get a kick out of some of the stuff that is posted and you'd be surprised what they sometimes take to heart from what you drivers say. Don't get UPS personal out here and throw someone UPS related directly under the bus and I doubt you'll ever hear a word. I mean Tieguy's management and he's out here all the time but then it may be a "stupid is as stupid does" kinda thing in his case!

    That was aweful wasn't it?:laughing: Tie's alright but IMO he makes the point you might be worked up over nothing but as I asked, what gives? I've yet to hear one management person talk bad about BC and most think it's kinda cool.
  8. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    Actually, it isn't me who is paranoid. In another thread, a poster had Cheryl post their thoughts to avoid being recognized or something.

    It made me wonder what's going on, I guess.
  9. rushfan

    rushfan Well-Known Member

    Mine does, and man he was really :censored2: off!!!! he.he.he....
  10. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    I always wondered if there was a problem with this - can't say I ever worried, but.....

    A few people here know who I am, where I work. I also know that some of my fellow employees at my center figured out who BBAG was.

    That is why I so rarely post my opinions here anymore.
  11. DS

    DS Fenderbender

    if anyone really wants the truth about working for ups ,the browncafe is the place to is great to view your paycheck,but getting information that relates to you can be less than fulfilling.
    I had a space and vis ride last week and told the sup I was a mod ...
    he confided that he'd checked it out but was too busy to take it serious..right
  12. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    Has anyone ever been talked to about their postings on BrownCafe?

    Not that I'm aware of.

    Does anyones management team know your BrownCafe name?

    Highly unlikely..but I don't care if they do. I will write it down with the BC url if they need a reference...:surprised:

    Anyone ever heard anything being mentioned in the PCM about BrownCafe?

    I'm usually on my way out..occasionally I catch the "stretching" part...

    What do you think????

    I think if anyone gets their knickers all in a twist about this site then they should seriously consider a new job. They probably won't last at UPS.

    I mean seriously...its the net...
  13. dillweed

    dillweed Well-Known Member

    I stay very general about where I'm located and don't share recognizable particulars about my building. That way I can open my big mouth and say what I want without being identified.

    Actually, I don't recall ever saying anything on here that I wouldn't say to their faces. In fact, I've had worse rants in managment's offices than I've ever shown here.

    I've mentioned BC to several co-workers who have checked the site out and find it very interesting. They have not asked me if I post here; I choose my friends carefully and they aren't the type to tread on my privacy.
  14. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    A few know I do, and who I am on here.
    I dont care if they know, as I dont lie or say anything I wouldnt say there.
    And if only we could have a meeting of minds in the building, like we do here, we could make it a better place to work. Where you could not only make great money, but manage time at home, etc.
    Til then we have Browncafe!
    And if anyone is reading this, from my building, tell ***, not to ever call me at 7am on my vacation again, because dispatch is short, BIG DUH:angry:
  15. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    Me too unfortunately.. Actually if I changed my screen name to "tazmaniandevil" or "verucasalt" I would be instantly recognized. My temper is legendary in my center. :dissapointed:
  16. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    LOL:happy2: - I have a nickname given to me at work that, if I used, I would be instantly recognized by everyone at work, even those that don't know my real name...
  17. wornoutupser

    wornoutupser Well-Known Member

    My building has had sups that flat out ask us about posting on BC.

    Names have been asked for and we have to be extremely careful about responding to "hot topics" that suddenly are an issue in our building and suddenly appear on BC. There are several members in my area that sometimes use unregistered names on the hot items to avoid supervisor retaliation.

    Seriously, there was a discussion of a sup a while back from this area. If you EVER want total retaliation for ANYTHING, I suggest that you "invite" this guy to your building. Your life will be total chaos and everything that you EVER did in your career while be hashed. A union employee only has the right to file on concerns from the last 5 working days but UPS can go back as far as they want. I have personally been the victim of such retaliation and I have had to speak to a lawer about it. We have also been warned about UPS taking legal action against if if UPS does not have the same opinion as the poster.
  18. toonertoo

    toonertoo Most Awesome Dog Staff Member

    That is just unreal, retaliation against freedom of speech?
    Bring it on.
    What fun that would be.
    I dont presently see that problem at my building, as most of the sups and the center manager probably feel the same way as we do, just have to support the words they are told to say to us.
  19. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator Staff Member

    As Tooner posted, "Bring it on."
    If you have given out someone's personal info or disclosed internal UPS data, maybe.
    I have several lawyers that would love to take on a case that involved someone (UPS) bringing legal action against me for stating my opinions.
    Who warned you?
    If it was a sup, that would be considered a threat not a warning.
  20. bellesotico

    bellesotico BOXstar

    On what grounds? LOL! First of all the internet is not regulated. Second of all, unless you are using company property to access BC, UPS can't touch the subject. First Amendment. :)

    And another thing..
    If management is going around making threats for what you do on your personal time on your personal computer, you might want to remind them of UPS's policy on harassment.