Rethinking Afghanistan In Tea Party Circles

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jan 14, 2011.

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    More Conservatives Are Questioning The Afghanistan War

    Survey of Conservatives on Afghan War

    Norquist Decries Lack of Conservative Debate on Afghanistan

    Monday will mark the 50th anniversary of President Eisenhower's famous Farewell Address in which he warns of the concerning power of what he called the "Military Industrial Complex". The American Conservative magazine in recognizing this anniversary has published a symbosium of essays on this speech and it's legacy entitled, "Ike's Last Stand." Included are video of the actually speech in full as well as the text along with 5 essays from different opinions of the speech and Ike's legacy from it.

    From a certain POV, President Obama may indeed be a great President in that he forced, not unlike FDR and the New Deal, a conversation to take place and today's conservatives may indeed be starting to look back to their roots and traditions and thus re-capture something they lost long ago, ironically some argue lost during the Ike years in the WH.
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    Glad to see you've given Heidi an avatar home!
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    I believe along with the economy the wars will once again be a major element of the 2012 Presidential election. If the Republicans stick to the same old "we must finish this to a successful conclusion" Obama will be a shoe in for a second term.
    I feel that most Americans are not so much "war weary" but rather are sick and tired of propping up corrupt governments ---much more so than our own.
    We are wasting our young peoples lives and blood along with treasure for areas in the world that have been and will be screwed up for a very long time.
    I am not afraid to take on an enemy or terroists but I am strongly against nation building.
    Time to get America back on track, secure our borders,bring all of our heros home from all countries, rebuild the strengh and infrastucture of America and deal with clear and present dangers with quick and bold action. Not talking about Isolationism --just very tired of being "police men" of the world and hated for it.
    Clooney if you want to fight in the SUDAN with Angolina and Brad --be my guest -stop trying to drag us into another civil war.
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    Oh. We no longer want to fight wars to "liberate" the people of evil emperors and leaders? Or is it unpatriotic to even question the efforts of a president in a time of war?
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    I saw a news piece on her and thought she was cute. Pic was just to good to let go to waste!
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    let's see, here we are having a drug war; billions have been spent to try to stop the flow of drugs .
    In Afghanistan , where most of these drugs come from, our troops are being used to protect these same fields.
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    + 1
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    In year 2000 the Taliban outlawed Opium culivation in Afhanistan.
    In 2001 the US invaded.

    Today, Afghanistan accounts for 80% of the worlds supply of Opium and Herion.(compared to 35% in earlier years).

    Another good documentary I seen was , that Iran & Iraq always kept eachother in check.
    But, with the US invasion of Iraq, Iran has no longer one to keep them in check, anymore.

    They said, Iran would have never gotten that Nuclear Plant operating, and wouldn't have become a nuclear threat, if Iraq was never invaded and "liberated".
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    Agreed. Great point Baba. Afghanistan was always a CIA war and the CIA controls the global drug market as a means of fund raising for illegal ops that need to stay off the books. However the Taliban completely shutdown the opium production that CIA profitted from and then......oppps, you don't think..........

    Multiplicity in US Foreign Policy has always been a huge issue as it also leads the State to the desired effect of plausible deniability. Hiding in plain sight has been the CIA way.


    And does this stuff have a familar sound to it?

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    No. They are there to keep Inda and Pakistan from pulling us all into a nuclear holocaust. And yes. Those WMD are very, very real.
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    I did not realize the republicans nor tea partiers were running the afghan war. I am learning so much here.
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    If war and economic booms are equal, then why are we not all swimming on easy street right now? Should we therefore consider "Less Bang for the Buck?"

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    You know, I think I know what the problem is. You see the democrats made the very same mistake and now the republicans opps I mean tea party or is the other way or......anyhoo they both are using the same dictionary and thus have come to accept the same definitions for what hope, change and transparency mean!

    Did I ever tell you, "I told you so!"

    Well..... I told you so!
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    How very smart of you!:happy2:
    Actually I think Bill Clinton mentioned the same thing when he was asked what advice he would give Obama. In essence he said, go big in the first term but expect to succeed mainly in small steps around the edges.

    And you think third parties, free markets, and freedom is possible in this country. How does someone get to your advanced age and yet hold on to such foolish ideas?:happy-very::peaceful: