Rethinking the Death Penalty

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Aug 17, 2011.

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    I confess, I didn't read it, but if death penalty is a miscarriage of justice on certain factions of society, then isn't having that same faction in prison for life also a miscarriage?

    I don't care which we have.......if you do away with death, then build more prisons.....just keep the killers off the streets.
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    I dont necessarily have a moral problem with the concept of a death penalty.

    I do have a problem...with that penalty being imposed by the state under our current system of criminal justice. The reality is that, if you are white and wealthy, that penalty will likely never be imposed upon you.

    I am also a person of faith, and a believer in karma. So a sentence of "life with no parole" to me is nothing more than a delayed-action death sentence. It doesnt matter to me whether the criminal dies in the execution chamber today or in a prison hospital in 20, 30 or 40 years. Either way they have been removed from society, and they will ultimately be judged by a being who is far more capable of administering true justice than we as a society will ever be.

    My opinion is that the role of our criminal justice system should be to (a) rehabilitate those who can be rehabilitated and (b) protect society from those who cannot. Issues like vengeance and retribution and punishment are best left to the supreme wisdom of a power greater than ourselves.
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    The only problem I have with the death penalty is that we try to shield ourselves from it. Should be a public spectacle and we should all have to have the blood on our hands, righteous or otherwise. Then we can decide whether or not we are for it.
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    How about I pull the trigger on him and just tell you we shipped him off to an institution instead?
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    I would attend murders of death penalty prisoners, if I could
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    Great Idea.
    lets just change the wording from Death Penalty to Honor Killings.
    No one will challenge it.
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    Would be an interesting study in mankind's nature. Would it be easier to execute a hispanic who killed a quick-shop worker or a housewife who murdered her husband for the insurance settlement? If it were applied equally, would we recoil, or just become desensitized? If Casey Anthony had confessed, is she easily executed through the tears of remorse?
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    Either kill 'em or lock 'em up.....don't care one way or another.
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    It wouldn't make a difference to me.
    On Casey Anthony, we'll never know she has shown no remorse.
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    The best option would be to hire some ISIS members and allow them to chop off some heads .