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    Does anyone know of or maybe yourself retired after Jan 1 2008 because of becoming disabled and had a issue with UPS health insurance being secondary to Medicare prior to turning 65. If so I would really like to know what the true story is regarding this issue.
  2. Gumby

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    Not retired. the only thing I know is.
    If you have other insurance,UPS becomes the secondary carrier.
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    Yes I am in the same boat. You get screwed if you are disabled and retire even if you have the credit for insurance you are forced to get medicare. Medicare pays 80 percent of bill then your full insurance plan that you have worked 35 years for pays 5 percent great deal. You have to pay the other 15 percent Also you have to buy medicare and they will not allow you to get and advantage plan. UPS at its best. When you turn 65 they will give you money to buy the advantage plan but since you are disabled to bad............ I love this company................