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    Any info would be greatly appreciated, Im 44 years old been working Pt in the hub for at least 24 years, started when i was 20 years old in the central states. confused about the definition of 25 and out at any age? need clarification, been told at least two different versions. 1.Retire after 25 years of service at any age receive pension at retirement age which is 62 years of age i believe. 2.Retire after 25 years of service at age 45-47 whenever i reach my credit and immediately receive pension? ​
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    First, how the hell did you get everything into a narrow column like that.....
    Here is the wording in the contract. ...

    $1,500 $1,625 for retirement at age 60 with 25 years of
    part-time Credited Service
    $1,250 $1,325 for retirement at any age with 25 years of
    part-time Credited Service.
    There should be a strike through the first numbers

    It's article 14 section 2 of the central supplement
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    24 years P.T.

    AMAZING! Small Sort?
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    Air hub loading tin cans!
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    A containers, there are some memories!

    Back in the day (mid 70's) the doors never fit or would lock on. But they still would load the things full. We would pull them to the airport. Then the shipper (TWA, America, Flying Tigers, ETC., we used them all, would take a fork lift and strap to pull them out of the trailer as the packages had shifted and wouldn't allow the trailer side door to open to remove the blockage. These giant forklifts pulling these containers just shredding parcels along the route out of the trailer.

    You want excitement? Stand around that strap when it would break! PHOOOOOOOOOTA!
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    What, your jealous of his formatting skills? Don't hate bro, all the cool kids hang out over here on the right side. ​
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    I'll let the boys in Current Events know that you are joining them on the dark side
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    I know how...

    I'm cool...​
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    25 and out at any age is 1,325 a month or 53 dollars per year at you age of 45. Not bad for a part time job.
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    I have 20 Pt @ 64 will have $1275 per month with 22 yrs. @ 66. With 5 weeks vacation 7 personal and 3 sick the 750hr threshold for full pension credit is a piece of cake. The insurance is to good to walk away from
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    Is this quote recent even with the new contract.
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    sorry computer malfunction above. So can I piggy back on this topic or should I start a new thread? I have exactly the same question? If not disregard what follows.
    Im 47 and have 25 years, I called the corp offices they said I have to be at least 50 year old to receive the 25 and out. I couldn't find that anywhere in the contract, so I called the union hall they told me they don't deal with part time pensions go ask the company? Im confused doesn't seem to be any straight answer? anyone deal with this issue?
  17. At most locations the part timer pension is handled by the company
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    I understand that the pension is handled by the company, im confused about the 25 and out any age? so am I just to accept that they don't allow 25 and out any age unless your over 50? Seems like the union would have some information on it being its in the contract?
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    looks like I have the problem resolved, they gave me the initial wrong information
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    working longer are ya?