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    Time to cut back on pension payouts in order to strengthen it up. Cut 20 percent across the board.
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  3. rod

    rod retired and happy

    F-it----add 20%
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    You serious Clark?
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    Welcome to the club! I'm not retired for too long, but the money has been in the bank the 1st of the month since I left.
  6. Johney

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    Until you retire correct?
  7. olroadbeech

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    GH......thought you were dead Luv.

    been getting my direct deposit like clockwork on time for almost 3 years. time really does fly when you are having fun.

    congrats. live long and prosper.
  8. George Harrison

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    Hey rod...since I'm new to this.mthe first of April is on a Sunday next month so should I receive my pension check on the following Monday or tuesday??
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    Tell Ringo wasssup!!!
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    He only has contact with John.
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    this thread should be called "retirement crisis". maybe not for UPS workers but certainly for most north americans.
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  12. What's the retirement picture look like in Canada?
  13. rickyb

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    probably comparable. let me change that.

    anyone who doesnt inherit property in vancouver or toronto and has to either pay exorbitant rents or mortgages is not middle class. there is no middle class UPS driver in these cities.
  14. Does Canada have a social security program or something similar to a 401k or IRA?
  15. 1989

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    There are only 2 cities in Canada? It’s smaller than I thought.
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  16. rickyb

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    yea weve got some government ones and some privatized ones.

    the conservatives created something called tax free savings. but then i read it was a give away to the rich because alot of people arent / cant save anything anyways.

    the welfare program is uncivilized. i collected EI sickness 5 years back and it took over 6 months to get the money and on top of that the phone line is hard to talk to someone. lucky for me i was in a position where i didnt depend on those cheques, but theres ALOT of people who need that money asap and arent getting it.
  17. rickyb

    rickyb Well-Known Member

    so 2 outta 3 big cities in canada dont have a middle class.
  18. Sounds similar to our SSI
  19. rickyb

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    alot of people at my job abuse the system because we get lay offs but the only position the company usually offers them is a much lower paying position where they would make more money or similar to just collecting unemployment insurance.

    but the way i look at it is this: the tax system is abusive (poor people should not be paying taxes), the economic system is unjust, so its more than fair that these people collect EI.
  20. Everyone should pay something, nothing in life is free.