Retro check


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Last retro was like 6 grand. This one will provide me with a nice bottle of bourbon to enjoy with my fire on a cool October night. It's like 4 hours work lol.


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I want side pipes



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more like $4.25/hr
Where do you get $4.25? We got $4.25 in the 177 but $1.50 of that will not be paid in the retro. It’s money we put back in to boost the pension in 2013, that the local is giving us back. Giving us back our money. Our retro is $2.75 per hour. Local told us the $1.50 is not retroactive. When we got it, we got it.

Don’t get me wrong I want the retro check but if anyone is worried about a couple hundred bucks with what we make they’ve got bigger problems. I couldn’t care less.
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