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    How many people and what issues have you all seen with revised seems every time our manager tells us something we questiion..They come back a few weeks later and give us an answer..Usually followed up with policy.. And at the top a date that shows the policy was revised between the time we questioned them on the issues.. Seems as if the policy doesn't fit at this point they are just getting everything revised to fit their special needs. Anyone else seen this and maybe could share what kind of issues they have had and called on..
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    July 4th.

    I'm a Mon-Fri employee. Asked for my "additional day off" since my regular day off is Saturday (which was the holiday).

    After much back and forth, all of a sudden it has to be approved by my senior manager.

    First it was "manager discretion"; now it has to be approved, one step up.
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    That didn't work at our location either. The rules are always changing and you can bet it's never in the favor of the frontline employees.
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    For once..they did the right thing by Us and gave us the option..said that they had gotten specific info from upper management and it was already good..all be it we had to ask first before they told us about having an optional day off..Point is..your sm shouldn't have to approve what was already given approval by the upper management
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    Whenever FedEx finds a legal landmine or something that benefits you instead of them, they revise policy accordingly, and then force you to sign-off on it. That way, when you come back and try and sue them or keep your job, they have your "signature" saying that you agreed (with a gun to your head) to the policy.

    This doesn't usually stand-up in court.
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    Is it any wonder that this company gets sued A LOT?
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    Most Fortune 500 companies get sued a lot; granted, those suits are not by their own employees.
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    Show me the stats.

    The way most Fortune 500 companies are trying to eff over their employees these days, I'm sure there's plenty of employee driven lawsuits.