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  1. Everyone seems to have a different answer for me on this questions. Maybe someone here can help. Thanks in advance.

    I bid on a route that is normally cut on Mondays & Fridays. Except for peak and summer months.
    Few times now after being verified that the route was cut that day I was called back to run a different route because of a staffing problem.
    (I know my fault for answering)

    Could I get in any sort of trouble for not answering, or saying no when I call to verify if they ask me then?
    A driver with more seniority is also in this situation but he never comes in to do another route. So maybe I answered my own question just now?

    Teamsters told me last time to stay home and not go in, then calling me back and asked me to do it just this time and to call back if it ever happens again.
    It's not like they are sending me on routes blind. They are routes I know. But I done fixing the staffing issues they have.
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    shut the phone off on Mondays and fridays!
  3. Did you hire on to work, or to stay home?
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    We have the same situation in my center. The person that 'owns' the route always takes off and never does another route. If your route is cut, do not answer the phone.
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    They tried cutting my route ONCE. I came in and demanded my 8 hours.Management acted as if they were doing me a 'favor' by 'giving' me the day off. I was sent on a route blind (managements way of retaliating) and I worked safely and by the methods which resulted in me working until 930 pm with a route that only planned 8 hours. I followed EDD 100% after getting air off,and was 100% compliant on Pick up times.
    My route has NEVER been cut since

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    Just because your route is cut doesn't give you the right to not work. If the company needs you, no matter what route, you have to work. If they re short staffed you telling me a supervisor should run a route before you. Also, are you scheduled to work everyday, meaning do you have a start time Monday thru Friday ?
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    you make no sense, Why are you staying home Monday and Fridays
    you are not getting pension credit. That is whats wrong, you make it easy
    for them to take out your route. So yes you are a sucka. You have a full time job.
    You are working part time, stupid you, sorry but you are a sucka....
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    No effect on our pension where I'm at. One punch a week is all we need. We have drivers do the same thing. Is my route in today? No? See you tomorrow.
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    In Central States you have to work a minimum number of hours to get that full year of pension credit. We have a few people that like to work the minimum or close to the minimum every year. I can afford 4 day weeks and still put money in savings. 3 day weeks are meeting my minimums and if I save up for it, a 2 day week every now and then is nice.

    If I could find a 4 day a week gig that was in the $20ish/hour range, I would take it in a heartbeat. I want to work less, not more.
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    In our local we only get pension credit on the first 2080 hours worked. I usually get that in by October so when the odd day comes along where they don't need all available cover drivers I don't mind taking a day off. Sometimes it's an 8 hour day request which gives them a hard time since they don't always know prior to the day of what route I am covering so hard to plan an 8. Often I am offered the day off. Since I work so many hours over the course of the year I generally am out the door like a frightened rabbit!
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    We also only get pension credit for 2080 hours; however, it is not the first 2080 hours as we only receive contributions for 8 hours per day---no credit for overtime hours worked.

    Our minimum for hours worked for a year of pension credit is 1000. IMO that is way too low and should be closer to 1500-1800. Raising this would cut down on the number of dead days.
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    Dead days don't bother me. Someone is getting paid to run the route. When I get to the last few years of my career I plan on taking as many days off as possible.
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    We had a couple of retirees who had to work a little longer than they expected to due to the number of dead days they had taken.
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    Where can you find the total number of hours worked for the year?
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    On your annual statement from your pension fund.
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Total hours worked and pension credit hours may differ. You can find total hours worked on your end of year paystub, which can also be used to file your taxes.
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    I applied at the wrong building.
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    The answer is simple. Show up everyday on time ready to work. Once your there, don't leave until you get your 8 hours. If they force you to leave, you get paid 8. If you chose to stay home or go home, your not entitled to 8.
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