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Hey guys.. I have been hearing alot around the barn about UPS purchasing Averitt Express in the next month or so.. and combining us (upsfreight) with them.. has anyone else heard this rumor?


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Ive heard the same thing. It would make a good business move. The more quality companies UPS buys, the more of a hold they have on the economy of the US. That would make any strike by any segment of UPS a real problem for the goverment to overlook.



Hey Guys, I Work For Averitt And We Have Been Hearing These Things For The Past Ten Years...but I Think If It Happens It Would Be Great..because Before The Year 2000, We Was The Top Non-union Company As Far As Pay Goes Now It Is 6 Yrs Later And We Are On The Bottom Of The Pay If This Does Happen It Would Be Great For All The Guys In The Trucks And On The Dock...i Guess That Is Why We Started Saying "think Red Instead" ....and We Have Been Asking "what Can Brown Do For You??" And That Is Buy Averitt.....hope This Happens...............


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Old news? or Rumor? This has been floating around for several years now. Here's the scoop that I got from a retired Averitt Express management person.

Supposedly the offer was made from UPS to Averitt about 5 years ago to the CEO of Averitt. The Ceo went to the "BOARD" or whatever Averitt calls the top guys. The "offer" was turned down almost unanimously because of the "UNION". Not trying to get anything started here. Seems the top guys did not want to see "THEIR" company go into the hands of a unionized company.

This is not what I am saying this is what I was told. Something could be in the works again, but i haven;t heard anything else on this in a year or so.


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Money talks bull**** walks.. If Averitt is a publicly traded company, it doesn't matter who they do or don't want to sell to. It is all about who can put the right amount on the check..


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I'm not sure if Averitt was PUBLIC or not 5 years ago. This guy who told me this was a Regional Manager for the Southern States. I see this guy everyday on my route now. He in fact has a pick up account. I'll ask him next week if he has heard anything now. He probably doesn;t care now since he is retired.

If you guys look at the record of most delivery companys that UPS has bought in the last 3 or 4 years, I think ALL of them have either been in debt and losing money or on the brink of it. From what I here Averitt is in pretty good shape.

I guess UPS feels they can get a better deal buying these "in the RED" companys.

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I've worked for Averitt for 7.5 years and have never heard this rhumor. It would be great though. I used to work for UPS before then and they run a MUCH tighter ship that we do. The point is, Averitt is NOT a publicly held company and one guy pretty much makes the decisions. Which is part of the reason it takes soooooo looooong for any changes to be made within.


as of tonight there are 5 brand new 53' trailers at the averitt terminal in memphis with ups on the them and 5 more on the way tonight.