Rumor of Poor Planning


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Anyone else hearing that we needed 45 leased aircraft and we only leased 30. This will leave around 100,000 pkgs rolling during peek week from day to day. It's all over the Yahoo Boards...:mad:


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I don't know about planning, but it seems volume is pretty flat.

FedEx has been out in rental vans the past two weeks, We haven't seen
but one rental, and that was for the airport run to get the air.


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Volume seems flat? I don't know where you are at, I knocked out 203 stops with a helper compared to 120 regularly by myself on area. First Peak on PAS/EDD, it looks like a disaster in the making!:w00t:

Volume does jump up and down before Thanksgiving, I hope my fellow residential drivers are ready.:wink:


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Got pas and edd on 11/13. I quit 3 times in 2 days. no one takes me serious.Things are so bad Mgr.s not even blaming drivers. Driver next to me brought in 125 STOPS one day and still worked hard 10 hrs. AM driver worked 12 hrs.I went from a doable 120 to 150 the hard way, and gave away 50. He rolled 25 of those. They saved 4 miles but I got 2.5 hrs. OT. They asked for no input to loop and I never got that ride-along.Sad. Hard to maintain PRIDE. Is integrety next?


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Metro Phila district is smoking busy. There has been rental's here for at least a month now. Volume is heavy here even have seen rental planes too!!!


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We have had jumpers since Nov 1st, truth is we have no pkg cars I was told. My question is....when I was in mgmt, we had peak plans which were done in September. Why are we just starting to wonder about what to do? Our crew doesnt even realize the value of having load diagrams for 3 levels of volume. Its going to really suck next week. My volume has been up 40 %, and the splits they are trying to pull, make no sense. If they are at a loss for what to do, why dont they just ask? But that of course comes from a stupid, unskilled, uneducated driver I guess some would say. But in reality, even if I didnt have a college degree, I do know what would make sense and so do my fellow drivers. So if sups are at a loss because of others who are away at training, rehab or whatever, wouldnt it be easier to ask than make peak Hell, instead of the funnest (sp) delivery time of the year?


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Our preload has something like 35-40 routes and we are alreadly running maxed out. We just saw almost 12k volume which we didn't see last year until a couple days b4 xmas


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we are blown out here, Ohio is very busy at least our area. We have a res. route that runs 160 normally that is up to 250 and more we had 5 routes last week that were between 250 and 275 eveyday. Very busy!!!!

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I wish the volume would flatten out!! I have never seen this kind of volume. I have never experienced Christmas in summer, and thats what it felt like this year. No extra drivers, or package cars. Can anyone remember the days when we actually had extra drivers in the summertime and the center manager would actually ask if anyone would like the day off? Ohh how I miss those days.:thumbup1:


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Glad to hear you guys are making me some money. I'll smile a little wider when I stroll by the mall Santa this year. It's great being retired in December.


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Glad to hear you guys are making me some money. I'll smile a little wider when I stroll by the mall Santa this year. It's great being retired in December.
It's great being retired ANY time of the year. Hang in there guys and gals. I feel for ya. To be honest- peak for me was always dreaded, but I thought the month or two after were worse because management always laid off way too many bodies and you never knew from day to day what extra crap they would add to your route. Nothing worse that being lost half the day.


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1) Stack those igloos and pits tight :D
2) If short aircraft, you can always outsource it; fly it on passenger airlines, and there are tons of cargo airlines that would love to take on a few UPS igloos. No way would UPS leave 100k express packages just floating around.