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    Hey brother's & sisters hope the weekend is treating everybody right.

    Heard a rumor on Friday from another driver about how quickly we can reach top scale.

    He said because we don't have our own routes we are considered utility workers. He also said by our 3rd year if we still don't have a route, then have to pay us top scale.

    Sounded crazy but I figured I would ask my resident OGs here and also whip out my contract booklet to see if there is any mention made about it.

    Please let me know if he's got his info twisted. Have a great weekend family.
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    Never heard this before.
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    Nothing in the master about this. I don't see why being a utility driver would give you a three year progression.

    I'm not saying for sure it's wrong, but just don't count on it.
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    You get hours worked credit toward FT progression as a utility cover, when not in progression. That is the reason for reaching top rate early and having a back-dated seniority date. I don't remember the exact numbers in writing, since it doesn't affect me, but there is language there for some regions, anyway.
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    Boy, that is some pie in the sky, wishful thinking.
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    Not true at all. I was p/t but a Reg-temp driver. I worked from June 1- to Jan. Working 1 day a week counted as a full week towards progression. I started at 75% of top rate and you stay at that rate until progression catches up. I had 6 months "credit" doing that so when I went full time my progression is 3 years and 6 months. I cant wait for Feb. 2017!
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