Rumored Negotiation Proposals 2008

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    Ups Has Proposed To Union To Cap Part-time Wages At Top Rate Of 16.50hr Including Air Drivers. Apparently This Might Not Affect Part-timers Already Working Or Out Of Progression. Also, A Christmas Bonus Of $5,000 One Time Payout Along With No Other Wage Increases For Next Six Years During The Life Of New Contract For All Hourly Employees Full-time And Part-time. Worst Of All Wants To Take Over Our Pension. This Just Goes To Show You Naysers That Ups Is Negotiating In Bad Faith With Only One Thought In Mind Greed. Keep In Mind These Are Just Company Proposals You Can Rest Assured Teamsters Wont Budge.
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    And what is your source on these rumors? I was in a meeting with a negotiator that was at that last meeting and there is a gag order on this. :confused:1
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    Ok hall said that ups offered a jointly administered pension plan. Why are you spreading misinformation?
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    No disrespect Browndawg, but at this point it is just rumors. Like Scratch mentioned, negotiations have kept secret up to this point. I can't help but think that the pension offer by the company might also fit into the rumor mill. Until I see different, anything should be taken with a grain of salt.
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    and what's with the capitalizing all the words in by the original poster? Like it's some kinda book title or something.
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    Gorilla balls it appears you forgot to explain why you are posting misinformation here?