Rush Limbaugh: "Ron Paul will destroy the GOP!"

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Aug 13, 2011.

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    I like Ron Paul. He is a smart man. Too old for office, but a smart man nonetheless.

    People talk about cuts, and only Ron Paul has the sharpest knife for those cuts.

    I wish he was younger.

  3. The Other Side

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    and by the way....RUSH LIMBAUGH is killing the GOP.

  4. Lue C Fur

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    Obama is killing America.
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    Except for a post once in awhile with a clip, I never listen to how is he destroying this GOP vote ???
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    The pollsters don't call me, so my opinion isn't in those polls out there. Many, Many millions of others are not on those polls either. We all have minds of our own and will vote accordingly. News broadcasts and radio shows don't have much influence. They may present the ideas of the different candidates, but they don't tell me who to vote for.

    It could just be that much of America has been waiting for a candidate who's not afraid to say he's a Christian. There's plenty of people who get totally po'ed at the ACLU suits on the Christmas stuff and other things like that. They just keep their mouths shut and go about their lives. Those are the one who will flood the polls and vote for what they believe in and somebody who believes what they believe.
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    RUSH destroyed the GOP in 2008 and helped Obama win the white house. He is a nut, a panderer and a snake oil salesmen whos intention is to take as much of his listeners money as he possibly can. From 2000 to 2011 Rush limbaugh has made 2 billion dollars off of his listeners.

    He talks as if he is one of "you", but is one of the richest men in the county and all off his listeners hard earned money. His misguided advice destroyed John McCain and today he is trying to promote the tea party crowd and make money off of them as he does it.

    People who listen to Rush and accept his dialog as fact are the same ones who would vote for Michele Bachman.

  8. moreluck

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    Re-Read the question.....How will he destroy THIS GOP vote. That's me. If I never listen to him, how will he destroy MY vote ????????????????
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    Ron Paul says that liberty does not come from government, but from our Creator and you must be pro life.
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    Understand that in our constitution, the word CREATOR did not mean GOD. If it did , it would say GOD. Our creator, which is an DEIST term, means something different.

    Our liberty does come from our creator, mother nature.

  11. moreluck

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    Hmmmm, no comment on pro life !!!
  12. wkmac

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    Everyone is pro life. Don't believe me? Try choking someone and see how fast and hard they fight back!
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    Then how do you explain suicide?
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    I always knew that Obama and the republicans had much in common with one another and not that the democrat Congress is left out of this mix either!

    Oh wait, that would mean Lue and Obama are like minds as well!

    I just always had that feeling!
  15. The Other Side

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    You have to love people who dont understand politics or how the games are played. Rush Limbaugh, who spent a year tearing down John McCain on his daily radio show, ended up turning off republican voters when McCain ended up being the GOP candidate. His repetition of McCain bashing stuck with GOP voters and they voted for Obama.

    This time, he has pledged his allegiance to the Tea Party, one, mainly because he is making a ton of money off of them as a whole.

    Further, as he up plays tea party candidates and true conservatism which translates into nuts, he will direct GOP voters away from traditional candidates like Romney and Pawlenty and he will help steer the GOP voters into nominating a tea party person like Bachman who will surely lose to Obama.

    Rush is in a pickle now. He cant abandon the tea party as he has invested all his time in, so he will lead the GOP to another defeat in 2012.

    Democrats praise Limbaugh for this. His own stupidity and self promotion will kill the GOP again.

  16. Baba gounj

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    As I recall back in 2008 during the primaries, Rush was pushing for everyone to vote for Hillary as an anti-bhos vote.
    And that didn't work out so well.
  17. Baba gounj

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    You have to stop listening to him when he claims to be the head of the GOP.
    He's only trying to make a joke.
  18. moreluck

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    Sounds like you listen to Rush all the time. I've never. Don't do radio at all. He doesn't influence my vote at all. Seems like he takes up a lot of your time........Gee, you have to watch FOX, listen to do you hold down a job?
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    I like Ron Paul also. It is too bad that in addition to his age that he is also a House representative. House reps generally don't make it to the White House (with the exception of Garfield ).

    Had to add: JAMES Garfield
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