Safety greivance?


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Last Wednesday a few minutes into the sort the lights above the High Pickoff (HVD, Top Pull, whatever u call it where u are) started to do a little disco strobe light thing .... 30 minutes later they shut off completly...

Tell my supervisor about it and he says maitnance will come at break.. break is at 15:20.. this is about 12:30 when the lights are out..

He must have called maintance because the guy comes with 2 new tubes before break and our part time supervisor tells him to come back because we arnt shutting off the belt to put in light bulbs.

We could see kind of... it was a little harder to work with out them.... But like if we dont need them before break why have them at all?
How long does it take to change 2 flourescent bulbs? i talked to the maintance guy on my break while he did it... We were talking remeber... less then a minute to remove and replace....

Can I file a grievance over this and what do i ask for? Monetary settlement? a flashlight in case it happens again? Someones head on a pike?
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I think he already bought it