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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trouble maker, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. trouble maker

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    You guys get the same BS about sales leads? I think it's funny how we are expected to do other peoples jobs as well as our own.Nobody comes and helps my ass out. Oh I forgot, there are 3 people on my car, me, myself, and I. It's funny how management pats the people on the back for the leads, then harass them about there stops per hour or being paid over.:ohmy:
  2. rebel

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    I punched out at after 9pm last night. I don't need any more work on my route.
  3. browniehound

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    This is my opinion on sales leads. I think the way mangement tries to promote them is suspect at best, but if me as a driver sees an opportunity to grab some volume, I will.
    If I get the volume I will win in two ways. Once from the sales-lead points and again from the pick-up volume. I would much rather spend my day making pick-ups than doing house-calls because I don't have enough work. If I score a lead that produces 100 packages a day and it takes me 1/2 hour to make the pick-up, the center-team will have to take 10 stops off my route :w00t: to compensate for the time I need to spend at our new volume-producing customer.

    At least in theory its supposed to work that way...
  4. Leragie

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    Yeah, the sales lead thing is pretty annoying. I started driving about two months ago. I went into my packet with only 1 day of saturday air driving as experience. About two weeks into my packet the supervisors kept telling me that I am supposed to get at least one sales lead while in my packet. I just flat out told them that the last thing on my mind at the moment was getting a sales lead. They did stop bothering me about it, and my last week in my packet a sales lead actually found me.
  5. Brownnblue

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    If it could be guaranteed that it would work that way I would be much more inclined to hand in sales leads.

    Your last sentence speaks volumes.
  6. toonertoo

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    Amen, and the retired people may or may not know what we speak of.
    since the numbers fiasco, 2 yrs ago. I have to work til 7pm to show 8 on paper, it is ridiculous, but since im out there any way and have adjusted, I would rather have the work on my route than another, if I get done "early:mad:, say 630" they are going to send me elsewhere anyway....
  7. Harry Manback

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    Heh, ODS mssg came in at 16:30 Friday that read, "Remember, you must turn in a sales lead today." Reply went like, "Remember, commercial stops close at 17:00. You must inform me of such things earlier than half an hour before things close." That's almost as irritating as the OCA they send you at 16:50 with a commit of 17:00. No, nevermind my scheduled pu's, I'll just miss them so I can go get this GSD letter that this lawyer was entirely to important to leave in the dropbox sitting 2 feet from his front door.:mad:
  8. 1989

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    I haven't turned in a sales lead since the second quarter of 2000. Got over $8000 on my amex card that year. They still ask me to turn one in, I tell them I'm all sales lead out.
  9. under the radar

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    I couldn't have put it any better. The people who run this company know that the best way to reach a customer is through the "service provider" who deals with them every day.

    I take the push for sales leads with the attitude that it's all about me. If I sell a lead I get the points, which can be quite lucrative if your in the right situation.

    You can only do so much work in a day. If a sales lead creates volume, it has to come off somewhere else.

    I am personally offended when a competitor is doing work I used to do or could be doing now.

    In MY house, I am all about revenue generation.