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    If you choose not to follow your work do you become a cover driver or can you bump someone w/ less seniorty that has a bid rt? (central region)
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    You can not bump any driver with a bid route no matter how much seniorty they have.
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    Well, actually it would depend on the satellite center circumstances and your Supplemental language.

    For instance, in the Central Region Michigan Supplemental a permanent change of over 50 percent by total stops of your bid route, area or loop or a start time change of more than one hour allows you to follow the portion of your route that you want to that you have the seniority for or to bump any junior driver.

    So it would depend on the specific circumstances and your Supplemental.
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    also in mich. the whole rt is being moved about 40 miles away. start time is only 1/2 hour different. were going to gas and wash in the morn. befor the freight gets there.
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    Switching companies...

    i actually work for one of the " competing" companies ands would like to know, just how do i get my foor in the door for consideration in michigan...have been a courier for ten years and an not real happy with our current starting the search now before it gets real bad ( actually the volume is way down now ) .....