Satellite route and the 9.5 list

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    Here's a question i hope someone can answer. I went full time as package driver last fall after 8 years of cover driving. Last month, our routes went up for bid and one satellite route remained. Of course, being the lowest seniority full time driver, I was forced to take it. Most days it is way too heavy. I understand that I can't take advantage of the 9.5 list unless I have 4 years in. But, if I'm running my own route that's in everyday, does that make it possible for me to be able to get on that list? I see where it talks about it in the contract but not quite understanding it. Plus, our steward is out on leave right now so I couldn't reach him. Any ideas?
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    Post earlier in the evening!
    Where the hell you work? Hawaii?
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    I've been working. Duh.......
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    This has been talked about to 1000's other threads. I can't believe there are that many people that can't read the contract and interpret it the right way.
    1) be a full time driver with 4 years of seniority.
    2) cover a route for a week and work over two 9.5s
    3) cover a route and be pulled off by management for basically any reason because you have 1-2 9.5s already.

    Yes this isn't word for word, but hopefully you get it now.
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    No, I'm still a little confused.
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    I hate your face sir. Lol.
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    Even if I wasn't sure I would give them notice and file and see where it went.