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  1. BrownEyeWiper

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    Quick question.... I did Saturday Air years ago but had to stop to help care for a family member. I recently signed a bid for Saturday Air and got it.... do I have to go through progression again? I was already at top rate when I had to step down.

  2. PT Car Washer

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    I would assume you would have to re-certify as a new driver. Are they making you go to driver school?
  3. Wally

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  4. BrownEyeWiper

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    They haven't said anything about driving school, I did Integrad in March of this year for a FT driving position that I DQ'd myself from so I don't think I'd have to go through it again. Contract book says that once you go through progression for a job you don't have to go through it again? Am I reading something wrong?
  5. BrownEyeWiper

    BrownEyeWiper New Member

    Or would I at least start from my current PT hourly wage and climb from there? That's what the deal was with my brief FT driving experience.
  6. By The Book

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    Article 40 in the master dictates what you are paid. I don't think that you have to start over again at the starting rate. It sounds like you did Saturday air for at least 2 years, correct? All air driving pay rates are covered in article 40, which supersedes all other rates of pay. Your part time rate, and your ground driving rate have nothing to do with your air driving rate.
  7. BrownEyeWiper

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    Ok sounds good thank you! Yes, I drove on Saturdays for 6 or 7 years.
  8. By The Book

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    I think you should get the top air rate in the contract when you deliver air on Saturday.
  9. opie

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    You should get top rate for any air driving work. Once you go through the progession, you don't have to do it again.