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I'm interested in working for UPS. I have an interview for a seasonal driver position next week. I know that UPS generally hires full time permenant drivers from within. If I work all summer what are my chances of being hired on a permenant basis at the end of the summer?


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While its not unheard of to hire from seasonal, its not common.
Keep in mind All summer they will tell you "do a great job, and we'll hire you full time"
I just say do your best, and hope for the best too.
Nothing is guarenteed.


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I worked as a seasonal peak employee for 4 years driving feeders, and in spite of whatever they tell you, you probably won't get hired. Like someone else said, do your best, and hope for the best. From what I understand, a certain percentage of drivers have to come from the ranks of sorters and pre-loaders. They loved me, but couldn't hire off the street, at least at the center where I worked. From my viewpoint, you're better off working a few years on the sort and then moving into package cars rather than going to work for a competitor like FedEx (they suck).