Seasonal driver that bought in...

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    I am. And I am wiping my tears with hundred dollar bills. When you file your unemployment, try not to hate your life too much, you really were appreciated this peak!
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  4. Management knows whether you are capable of passing(scratching) a qualification route or not. They have your driving #'s on file. They should let you know this status but they won't.

    They will find a spot for you to keep you in the bullpen if you had great #'s.

    For being such a massive company you would think they'd be a little more organized & informative to their employees. You basically have to find out anything & everything outside of your "bosses".
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    best place to get news about ups is at the FNN

    Some of those boys know stuff before it happens

    Some are full of :censored2:
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    Did you learn how to lie to the drivers on your dispatch board? Tell them “oh we will get you a load to get back home in time for your brother’s wedding” That sort of thing.
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    Do you really need to ask?
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    If it did, then your union is weaker than I thot
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    I'm a seasonal driver that wants a full time driver position, they are keeping some here. I just got a benefits packet in the mail to sign up for..... Is that normal for a seasonal driver to get one of those at the end of the season? Ps. I'm off the street no preload
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    Feeder News Network
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    Don't hold your breath. Best chance is apply for an inside part-time position and fill out the inside application for a full-time driving position.
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    Fell for what? It says seasonal driver for a reason in the job description.
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  13. Thanks
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    Don't feel bad there are a ton of you suckers out there.
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    Haha that definitely felt like part of it. It was all a weird game between finding the loads and getting that person to let you give that load to your driver. Didn’t learn much I just followed a guy around for a few days. Top pay there was $40k a year and that’s less than starting pay at UPS. Didn’t take long to think about it
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    Can I have his number?
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    This is very true.