Seasonal driver that bought in...

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  1. You gambled, gave up a bird in the hand for a larger one in the bush. But that's life.
    Did you get paid? Then the company owes you nothing else.

    It may pan out down the road.
    But leaving a permanent job, especially while you were being trained, was inconsiderate and burning a bridge isnt ever a good thing.
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    The OP didn’t leave the job while in training that was me and I didn’t give 2 weeks because it was Friday and UPS said we need you to start Monday and rather than waist the other company’s time for “2 weeks” I politely informed them I was taking another position elsewhere. Didn’t burn any bridges they completely understood. I’m sure they simply found someone else for the job.
  3. Rick Ross

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    I doubt they would keep any now unless they are really desperate...22.4 hiring is just around the corner.
  4. Jimbo82

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    I got hired for seasonal driver also.Next week they let us go.Then they said they gonna do a review of who they gonna call back Their is 10of us drivers Hope they dont drag it out I have other jobs I can go do but dont want burn bridges
  5. lorthavemercy

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    Today was our last day. They dangled that carrot up until the end for sure. Told me HR would call me and tell me which center I am going to. I received an email tonight from HR saying go to upsjobs and do the 2019 application. Logged in and there was a conditional driver app. I applied, emailed them back and asked if it was for a driver position. I received an email saying, no its for pre-loader. Bamboozled!
  6. lorthavemercy

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    From whiny ass full time drivers, to sup's that lie in your face, to an unorganized ops. It was fun while it lasted, but thankfully its over, and now I will make 6 figures doing a lot less work!

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    Whoahhhh big gulps huh? Welp, see ya later!!
  9. Jkloc420

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    r u the guy that makes 190000 now
  10. lorthavemercy

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    No I am making zero as we speak. ha
  11. burrheadd

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    Oh boy

    Not another one
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  12. lorthavemercy

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    I mean, lets be honest. There are some whiny ass full timers!
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    You going to be a double knot spy like Jethro Bodine
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    siverbullet Hi.gif
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  16. UPSER1987

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    One day unemployed, one day slinging cardboard, next day 6 figures “doing a lot less work “! Who makes this stuff up??
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  17. lorthavemercy

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    Do you think it isn't possible?
  18. Poop Head

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    I just watched my wife's dog walk into the dining room, bear down, and explode diarrhea everywhere.
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  19. UPSER1987

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  20. lorthavemercy

    lorthavemercy Member

    How come? I know your options might be limited due to working at UPS for 20 years, but you aren't everyone else? Some of us have backgrounds and degrees.