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    Hello, I've been employed at UPS for about a week now and where I work they're hiring for "Seasonal PT (Part Time) Drivers" I was wondering if I apply for this position and I am a loader now, and I get the driver position after the seasonal term is up can I go back to being a loader?

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    I wouldnt worry yourself to much
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    The short answer is no.


    No? If hes already internal and hes wanting to be a seasonal driver they will use him when needed and keep him as a preloader, that is if he qualfies to be a seasonal and as long as higher seniority guys dont sign up first. My money says Yes. I cant remember the percentage UPS uses from hiring internal to off street hires so I really dont understand why people are telling you no? Maybe they know something I dont.
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    I agree, the short answer is no.

    If he/she stays and expresses an interest to try it at peak or next summer, it might work, but he/she was hired to fill a need as a loader. It is easier to fill a PT driving position than a loader.


    Just ask your supervisor in the center you are in. My money is on if they need help at the driver position they would be glad to use you at both positions. Thats how I have always seen it work. I have never seen a seasonal driver only.
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    Whenever we have an opening for seasonal driver it is posted and part timers sign up by seniority.
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    We have had several over the years. 1 was eventually hired FT perm and he quit less than 2 years later. Our last seasonal was a teacher that worked as a substitute in several school districts. She quit when she was offered a FT teaching position.

    We have done that also. My 1st summer was as a temp driver. I was told at 45ish days that my position would be permanent and I made seniority. Currently, we have a preloader that is working his 2nd summer as a relief driver.