Seasonal Feeder Drivers?

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    When hired on as a seasonal feeder driver, is there any training that comes along with this or what? I was told to show up on start day to get started, but I don't know what I will be doing? Are they gonna try to show me how to drive a 10 speed, hook-up a double, do a pre-trip.... what...what...what? Any input would greatly be appreciated! Also, does UPS use ten speed trucks or what? And are they able to be shifted using syncrization or is it the old double clutching routine?
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    You will be put thru a, likely, abbreviated training period like f/t feeder drivers. On first day, it will probably be road test, to see if you kill anybody while driving. Maybe just tractor, maybe just tractor and 1 trailer. Some classroom work. Slowly you'll learn how to build sets, THE UPS WAY! Yeah, right.
    You will be trained to double-clutch, which is living in the stone age, but you wanna pass?

    Do everything you're required to. When you're alone, you can ditch the double-clutching or whatever else habits you're into. Just be safe and go slow.

    Speed tractor depends on where you are located. Some still have 5-spds. Some 7-spds. Some 8, most 10 now. Just keep shifting til you run outta gears.
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    It's been years since I drove a ten speed. Been doing the new automatic Allison transmission thing. Do I have to remember how to down shift or can I just slow down and find a gear? ( If ya can't find it, grind it!) Is there any reason that they would let me go if I have trouble with the shifting of the gears, such as grinding and not remembering the RPM's to downshift or will they go thru all that with me? Just what do they expect me to know, afterall, they train their own package car drivers to drive feeders? Thanks for any and all replys! Thought there would be more replies than I have seen.
    And finally this, is all seasonal feeder work done on the night shift or does it just vary, and I've heard of full-time package car drivers not being able to work during the week because there is no work for them. Does this happen to the feeder drivers as well, and if it does, does it happen at all during the peak season?
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    Seasonal feeder work is done at night in this district. There are very few day jobs and they are usuallly guys with 30+ years.
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    thanks for that response. Anyone else?
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    Yea....Keep your fat foot off the clutch pedal when not shifting, don't fly around the yard like jonney truck driver the sup's don't care how quick you are your just a body for peak, you have no shot to come on full time, there's a huge q-list for that. And don't run your ass off killing other people's job's they will be here after peak. And get use to driving the biggest piece's of crap on property for $14.00 per hour, in my building we have tractor's mothballed just for peak driver's.
  7. STLFeeder

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    $14 an Hour?? They pay our seasonals $18 an hour here and they let them drive whatever truck is available or the assigned truck for the job they were called in to cover.
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    They will teach you all they THINK you have to know about driving a truck. Trust me, THEY know everything! "But none of them have any road experience", you say? I said, "Trust me, THEY know everything"!

    Here, they don't mess with my driving much cuz I've been driving heaps longer than most of them have been alive but from what I can remember, they don't want you to downshift anymore. Why? I don't know. Just burn up the brakes. They think that's cheaper than extra fuel required to let the engine do the work.

    Yes, they will flunk you for grinding gears. I've seen it here. BUT, ask them to show you how, and not just around the yard. Around the city and highway. You'll be quite surprised.

    In short, do what you're told. Don't be a smartass. Be a "yes man" if you want to get hired. You probably will be driving nights.
  9. make sure you bring a pair of gloves and a flashlight with you .And don't get any grease on my steering wheel !!
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    The UPS feeder drivers I see in my hub have a couple pouches on their belts. In every case, one is a flashlight shape. The other is a cell phone shape. I've never seen the guys that do road driving--Denver to Boulder, for example--with gloves but that doesn't mean they don't have them in their cabs. Regardless, good advice! -Rocky
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    You musta seen me in your hub. I have a couple of pouches too! Mine resemble tires! Around my waist! Yeah, I keep my gloves in cab at all times. Don't ever use em...just keep em in cab. Keeps em brand new!

    Anyways, didn't get to give my regards and best wishes. Been nice dealin wif yous. Enjoying your comments, good or bad, here. Good luck in your new ventures but don't be a stranger here.

  12. if you have worked at ups for a few years and never driven package car can you driver feeders if there is a spot open and none else wants it? how old do you have o be 21 or 25 because i seen are bid sheet and it said 25 but ive heard 21 from alot of people?
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    In my building the only seasonal drivers they bring in are off the street hires who already possess a cdl and have 5 years of safe driving. If you are brought in from the building or PC without a cdl you are being brought in to be permanent assuming you make it through your 30 days.
  14. im not meaning seasonal driver off the streed im just talking about comming off pre load and doing it? and is age 21 or 25 because in my center the bit sheet said 25 the times ive looked at it but had many tell me 21??
  15. brett636

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    I believe 21 is the minimum age.
  16. thanks for the responce buddy