Secretary-Treasurer of Local 100 Says 5,000 ballots left out!

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    This is what the Secretary-Treasurer of Local 100 had to say:

    They did get the Freight envelopes and counted them... I watched over that. But, my complaint is that some Teamsters delayed their return, waiting to see if the IBT was sending out new envelopes and new ballots... that delay may have resulted in those ballots not being counted. As of Monday, there was about 5000 ballots at the post office that they do not intend to count. My petition addressed exactly that problem. I have been the observer driving to the post office with the election Supervisor each day to pick up the ballots. And, I have been keeping track of those ballots. On Saturday, they left 8 1/2 trays of returned ballots at the post office, on Monday they left 10 trays. There are about 500 ballots in each tray. There are also Local 135 ballots in there and some ABF Ballots in there... so, any estimate of how many ballots is just an estimate.

    We picked up ballots on Thursday, the general date required for return of ballots. We went back over on Saturday, because the IBT messed up the Local 89 ballots and they had until the 22nd to return their ballots. Then back on Monday the 24th, because Local 901 had their ballots messed up and we go back on Wednesday to pick up 135's ballots, because they had more issues.

    While the Election Supervisor picks through the trays of ballots, to find those specific ballots he's is taking back to count on those days, I'm observing the other ballots. I've seen ballots post marked as early as June 10th, that will not be counted, because they were not in the IBT trays "On-Time".

    I think anything post marked prior to the deadline should be counted. Unfortunately, the USPS does not post mark everything anymore. So, many of those returned ballots have not been stamped.

    But, On Monday afternoon, I restated my concerns that if there are more ballots being held back than the difference in the count, they must count them all. Unfortunately, the IBT and Local 100 disagree.

    But, after Indy is counted and if the vote count difference is less than the number of ballots that I've contested. I believe they should be counted.
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    thanks for posting this. ALL VOTES SHOULD BE COUNTED!!!
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    So the IBT should ignore their deadline?
  4. Hawfuh Sux

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    They were sent ballots late because they were from the Vote NO regions.
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    What legal challenges can be submitted regarding this?
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    Looks like the last dance is over!
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    Well after the massive $&#% up that was the ballot send out. I say yes.

    In all honesty a revote should be considered. There were thousands that never even got a chance to vote. Because the IBT screwed up so bad.
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    How come those ba's didn't oppose it at the two man meeting?? They could have been Hero's, instead they are spineless liars. Just saying
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    Come on dude!
    That wasn't a screw up ... that was intentional.
    ​Only happened in those locals where the NO vote was greater than the YES vote.
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    I wouldn't consider them at all I would call them heroes. They stood up for their members. But hall and Hoffa yea id call them !
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    It was also an accident when I didn't lift up the toilet seat! I sorry.....FIXED
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    Anyone that didn't receive a ballot had ample opportunity to request a replacement ballot. Saying thousands "never got a chance to vote" is pure and reckless speculation. What is certain is thousands received ballots timely and properly and didn't take the massive effort to return a self addressed postage paid envelope. That's where the anger should be focused.
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    They don't do this in other politics. So why should this be different.
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    There were many who did request replacement ballots, some more than once, and never received them or received them too late to have the vote counted.
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    No dude those local 100 ba's are ****. This is for sure. They could have stood up that day. If they did others would have stood up then and followed but they had NO balls. The ball was in there court and they passed. Now they are going to come out and say this crap. This master passed and these supplements will also.
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    I'll go with "many" but call bs on thousands. Do you know if the "many" have moved recently? Seems the issue in our local was pt's moving and not updating their addresses. Makes it tough to get mail...
    Also not convinced "many" are all no votes. Even the conspiracy theorists can't really believe the IBT "knew" who not to send ballots to. The IBT was convinced this Nat TA would fly through so why withhold ballots intentionally?
    And finally the member mailing lists go to an independent mailer. The F-ups are totally the fault of this vendor. If this mailer is ever used again, I'll eat my ballot.
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    I've wondered that myself. It's such a political, selfish and conniving act on their part. "We APPROVE this TA with all of our h.......wha? Wait. The membership is :censored2:? Uh, um, let me think. Ok I got it.... WE WON'T TAKE THIS POS TA EVER!!! Did you hear that guys? We are with you!! Vote No! Elect me please? Vote No! Bob for Secretary Treasurer! Vote No!! Huh, did you hear me?"
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    If my post needs edited it would be nice to have a pm sent so that way I can correct it! Thanx